How to use plants in your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on June 30 2023

Plants are growing in popularity among couples because they can help you transform your wedding venue with an alternative approach, opening you to a new non traditional style. So if you are wondering how you can incorporate them into your design, you are in the right place, as I am giving you some fantastic ideas in today's blog post.
Just because you are wanting to use plants in your design instead of alternative traditional options like flowers doesn't mean you have to comprise on impact. There is absolutely tons of variety to chose from to help you decorate your space, as well as a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be used to help you style out different areas.
In order to get the best out of using plants, you need to think outside the box a little, being clever where you position plants is also key. So let's dive into it as it's my favourite topic!

Smaller Plants

Let's start small to help get you warmed up. Smaller house plants are perfect for styling your tables. Small succulents are available in lots of different varieties to make your tablescape look interesting. When considering plants for your tables, consider the eye line, you don't want anything too high as this could block your view between guests on the opposite side of the table. You can also use smaller plants grouped together on plant stands to fill empty corners or dot around your other key areas. Small plants really can be used among all your other areas to help tie everything in. This could be your cake display, guests book zone, table plan or your welcome area.

Mini Plants

Mini plants like succulents or catus's make fantastic favours for your guests. They make a sustainable choice which your loved ones can watch grow over time. You can either make a big display out of them for guests to grab one as they leave your wedding or you can style them on each place setting ready to greet your guests as they are seated.


Edible herbs are a fantastic idea for decorating your space. Keeping them small in pots allows you to use them on the tables (or guests could even help themselves for a nibble if you choose herbs to compliment your dinner you're serving) You could get creative and use them to decorate a key area like a table plan. Or if you style them in larger pots, to use them down the ceremony aisle beside your guest rows.

Larger Plants

Larger, tall plants like palms are fantastic for all sorts of things. How about adding to your welcome area to help style it out. Use a few grouped together to create a wall backdrop for a photo booth. Or put them at the side of your sweetheart table to frame the both of you. They are also amazing for filling an empty corner in your venue so that there are no blank spaces forgotton about. If you have a chill out zone for your guests, what about adding some tall tropical plants to create an oasis for them.

Trailing Plants 

You can get your hands on many varieties of trailing plants these days, which will help you decorate your space. These type of plants are perfect for creating hanging features as there foliage will hang down creating a perfect canopy. You could group several together to create a hanging installation over the tables to make an immersive experience for your guests. You can also add them to window sills so there foliage hangs down the wall to break up to much white space.

Plant Leaves

Another great little idea, is using the leaves from plants to help you decorate. This could be popping a single leaf into bottles on the tables or for a table plan area. You could also use them to help pretty up your plates by incorporating them with a napkin or your stationery. Or you could even use a full leaf to write on, for name places or even a use a bigger leaf for a menu. 
As you can see plants really can be used everywhere to help you style your wedding venue and really help bring your design to life. And the great thing about them is that with all the variety out there, you can choose plants that will compliment your style. From exotic tropical wonders, perfect for summer weddings or industrial themes. To plants that create a english country garden style. 

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