How to use disco balls in your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 17 2023

It's no secret that Disco Balls are truly back, and looking absolutely stunning in wedding designs. What you might not realise is there are so many different ways you can use them in your wedding to decorate. If you are looking for decor pieces that add an element of fun and some sparkle, then these are the perfect addition for an alternative look.
Let's take a look at all the different ways you can include them.

Around your Key Areas

If you have got displays that you are creating in your venue, whether it's a welcome area, a table plan, or a backdrop, adding in some disco balls is definatly going to liven the area up. Obviously it needs to tie in with your whole theme, but disco balls really do work with lots of wedding styles. You can hire them in all different sizes so make sure to mix up them up for an interesting look.


disco ball wedding cake display


disco balls for photo booth


 Dance Floor Zone

The most obvious place to add disco balls is around your dance floor area. Often this separate zone can fill a bit empty as obviously it's important to leave plenty of room for your guests to boogie, but I think it is essential to have an area styled, that will encourage your guests to get up to dance. If it looks fun and inviting, your guests are more likely to enjoy being over there.


dancefloor wedding sign

Here is my 'Please join us on the dance floor' fabric sign which is available to hire from the prop catalogue.



Another great place to put disco balls is on your wedding tables. You can either scatter them around loose to add a fun vibe, or you can put them under raised platforms like I have done here to add some impact. This works particularly well on a top table or sweetheart table to help elevate this to the next level, so it feels a bit more special then the other guests tables.


disco balls on wedding table


disco ball tablescape


You can hire all the props in this photo from my prop catalogue that you can view here.


disco balls design design


Place Settings

A fun way of adding in disco balls to your design is to pop mini ones on each guests place setting. You could tie them to a napkin or name tag, which can double up as there wedding favour, as they can then take them home and hang them from their tree at christmas time. What a fun idea!


Hanging From Structures

Disco balls look particularly amazing when they are hanging from something, which I'm guessing is what they were really designed to do. The most obvious choice is to hang them above your dance area, we see this lots in tipis now! But you can get more creative with them and hang them from backdrops, ladders and wooden beams, to name a few ideas. They are one of those decor items that look stunning when they are grouped together, so in my opinion more is more!! Mixing up the sizes will allow you to create a fun feature.

disco ball hanging decor 

So I hope this has convinced you to include some disco balls into your wedding somehow. They also look amazing paired with festoon lighting, dried flowers and greenery, so there is so much scope when it comes to creating a unique look.


If you would like to work with me on your wedding design you can check out my styling services page here>>



Photos by Photography By Roberta 



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