How to surprise your wedding guests

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on November 10 2020

Who loves a surprise? Well I can tell you I love one and so will your wedding guests. The last think you want is your wedding to be predictable so I have some ideas for you that will help shake things up a bit and give your wedding that key wow factor to make it more memorable, so your guests will talk about those stand out moments in years to come. 
Surprise Venue
Keeping your venue a big secret or taking your guests on a magical mystery tour to get to the destination is the ultimate surprise to pull off, but so worth it. There's nothing more fun then seeing their faces or hearing them try to guess along the way. Then you can reveal the surprise venue they won't be expecting. 
Surprise guests
You may have family that live in another country, and maybe you could say they are unable to attend knowing full well you're going to fly them over specially to  surprise your nearest and dearest with their arrival.
Consider a wardrobe change
A great idea is to consider spending a little less on your wedding dress and get yourself a little special number for the evening reception. If it's good enough for the royals it's good enough for you. The advantage to this is it will perhaps be more comfortable to have dinner in and dance the evening away. This will be something the guests will definitely not expect you to do.
First Dance
Surprise your loved ones with your first dance, make sure to set some time to practice what you are going to do, or better still book a dance lesson with a pro and have a tailor made dance made just for you. Your guests jaws will drop when you bust out your moves.
Creative displays
Wow your guests with creative decoration to look at. Make them interactive so they can't help but touch them. Surprise them with your talents and imagination.
Twist on a photo booth
Create your own background and props and set up an area where you can capture video footage of your guests larking about or sending you well wishes. Why have still photos when you can create your very own cine-film to watch back in years to come.
Shake up dessert
Forget the traditional wedding cake and treat your guests to something they actually want to eat. Mix it up with an array of different desserts, such as different flavoured cakes, macaroons, doughnuts, biscuits, pies, or sweets. 
Lounge area
Give you guests a nice treat will a chill out area so they can take a break from dancing. They can sit back and take it all in, especially the older generation who need a breather, it will be a nice surprise for them, that you thought about that. 
Surprise Entertainment
There are lots of ways to surprise your guests with entertainment, invite a popular band in your local area to play a set, reveal a bouncy castle for the kids (I'm sure the adults would love it too!), put on some games for them to be involved in, or inviting an artist to draw caricatures of the guests. 
Pimp your bar
Style your bar so your guests love hanging out there. Add signature cocktails you love that will add some fun conversation. You could even add some bar games which add even more interest. 
Late night snacks
Surprise your guests with a food truck or buffet with late night nibbles, they are sure to get hungry again after all that dancing and mingling. Make it something you know they will crave and give them the least expected, like a kebab or chips!
Create an amazing send off
Create an epic send off so your guests can leave on a high. This might be an epic firework display, a sparkle send off, or creating an epic Instagram moment to enjoy later.
So as you see it doesn't need to be complicated, just think what will make your day stand out from the rest.

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