How to Style Wicker Charger Mats

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 29 2022

Charger plates come in all shapes and sizes, but one of my favourites has to be the wicker mat. No only do they look stunning on the table, they are also very adaptable to use at your wedding. If you have been eyeing them up on Pinterest, here's some reasons why you might want to choose them;

Neutral Base

I think the best feature about them is that they are a neutral base which is perfect for matching all colours themes easily. From pastels, to brights, to monchrome, to calming neutrals, they really do look great paired with anything.


Wicker mats have a texture to them which means they are a great addition to any table wanting to add some more interest. Meaning they are a delight for your guests to touch as well as a feast for their eyes.


They are a great way to help you layer up your finishing touches by acting as a beautiful backdrop. Styling your napkins, stationery and cutlery couldn't be easier and they will certainly help you to show those off.


Wicker mats marry up perfectly with lots of modern wedding styles. They look amazing with rustic themes, bohemian styles and countryside and garden  weddings. Fitting in perfectly with tipi and sailcloth venues. Or they make the perfect eco-friendly choice for couples supporting a sustainable planet with natural materials being used.


They also make sense to use any time of year. Perfect for spring/summer weddings and they work wonders in the autumn months too.


They look great either styled up to the nines to look elegant and romantic with delicate finishing touches around them. Or they look equally amazing styled to create a relaxed vibe, perfect for an informal reception.
Below are some unique ways to style your wicker chargers.

Style One- Add a glass on top

You have the space on your mat to add a glass for the guests drink. Ether a tall one to add a personalised straw or this would be a great place to put a water glass.
You can find the stationery pictured here >>>


Style Two - Add Wedding Favours

 Include your wedding favours on top of the mat, to welcome each guest. As well as being a nice added touch it is a great space filler.

You can find the copper collection pictured here >>>

Style Three - Add large leaves

Paper leaves are a great way to add an extra layer on your mat, which you can then layer your stationery pieces on top. This helps give the impression that your place settings are nice and full.

Style Four - Spread out your napkins

Play with your napkins to see how you can use the surface space. You can tuck the edges underneath the mats to keep them neat. There are many ways to lay napkins out so just experiment to see what you like the look of.

You can find the stationery pictured here >>>

Style Five - Add a bigger menu

Opt for a bigger menu card. This not only gives your guests more information, it is a easy and cheaper way to fill additional space. 

These fold out welcome cards are great as you have the option of using the name tag to tie around a napkin.

You can find them here>>>

I hope you found these ideas helpful. 

Info on Hiring Wicker Charger Mats >>>


Watch the video below to see how these ideas can together.


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