11 Tips to plan an outdoor wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 29 2021

The fact you are here means you must be thinking of planning your wedding day outdoors. Which is amazing news, as I couldn't think of a better scenario for planning your special day. While some couples would run for the hills at the thought of it, I am so pleased you can see the many oppurtunities that are available to you.  Getting married outside allows for so much creativity, which is perfect for couples like you, who want their day to be unique. As let's face it, when you get married in a hotel, a lot of the decisions are already made for you, when it comes to space, decor, and particularly the colour theme. Planning a wedding outdoors will ensure you can put your own stamp on a blank canvas
Let's dive into the tips so you can start planning your wedding outdoors, as there is a lot to think about.

 Choose a beautiful location

Finding a venue that allows for outdoor weddings is the first thing on your to do list. When looking for a place, you want to take into account how many guests will be attending, as this will determine on how much space you will need. When you're viewing venues, look out for those photo oppurtunities for your couple portrait shots. Venue's that have trees, rivers and fields surrounding them make the perfect backdrop.

Choose a marquee style you love

Now you have the perfect location sorted, you now want to choose a marquee style you adore. There are lots of options available these days, from traditional marquees and stretch tents to fun tipis and yurts. Each offering something different, so it all depends on the kind of style you like the look and feel of. 

Choose large decorations 

When you have a blank space to fill, one of the best ways to fill it, is to use large decorations. Choose statement pieces such as large light up letters, crates, statement chairs, and backdrops so that any empty space can be filled in easliy. When displaying your cake or dessert table use wooden barrels to give height so that it makes a feature of it.

Add fun lawn games for guests to play

What I love about an outdoor wedding is that your guests will natural feel more at ease. There's just something about everyone being out in the fresh air, that creates a relaxed vibe. Adding lawn games for your guests to take part in, is the best way to add an element of fun. While you have your photos taken, they will be so busy being competitive with each other, I can assure you they won't notice that you have disappeared for a bit!!

Choose your catering

Often, for an outdoor wedding, the catering with be totally up to you. This is your chance to have your favourite foods, which also means your guests will be a lot happier. We have all heard those horror stories when the guests were still hungry after their posh 3 course dinner!  Why not have a barbecue, fish and chips, or better still, a variety of food trucks so your guests can choose what they want. After your wedding, the food is one of the most talk about bit of the day, so make it epic!

Have a fun drinks station

No wedding is complete without drinks, there always has to be a bar! Your guests will go home otherwise!!! We are spoiled for choice these days with quirky drink vans that specialise in your favourite tipple, or choose a mobile bar that covers lots of options. Not only is it an essential, it will make a fantastic feature at your wedding.

Add magical lighting

You can't have a outdoor wedding without lighting. Whether you choose fairy lights or festoon lighting to hang round, this will one hundred percent make all the difference to your atmosphere. Once the night starts to draw in, the outdoors will transform into a more magical setting, giving you the right party vibes to finish your day.

Use nature

One of my favourite tips for an outdoor wedding is use your natural surroundings to your advantage. You have so much at your fingers that you could use to help decorate the space. Depending on what time of year you are getting married, will depend on what treasures you will find. Look out for pinecones, leaves and tree branches.

Hanging decor

It's so easy to forget about the empty space above where the guests will be seated, as most of the decorating tends to be focussed on the tables. So to make sure your guests get the wow factor when they walk in, you will need to make an impact from top to bottom. Use bunting, pom poms and floral hoops to hang from the ceiling so they is eye candy everywhere.

Consider the weather

It would be foolish to not consider the weather when planning an outdoor wedding. Here in the UK we just cannot reply on it being beautifully sunny all day, even if your wedding is in the summer months! Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, should be your motto, this way you won't be caught out by natures challenging elements. And I am not just talking the rain and wind, this also applies for being too hot as well! Remember your guests are outside, or under a canvas which can be very warm in the good weather. So just keep asking yourselves 'what if it did this?' which will help you be prepared.

Don't forget the essentials!

While the styling of an outdoor wedding is super important. Don't forget about the essentials and logistics to make it all happen. Depending on the location, you will likely need toliets, a generator, a water supply and electric at the very least.
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