How to plan a woodland wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on December 14 2020

I just love a wedding in the woods, there's something so magical about being surrounded by nature isn't there? It is a sure way to create a romantic day that will amaze your guests. Whether you like the idea of it because you love the outdoors or you are after something more unusual to say your I do's, I have some important things below to consider to help you plan one.
Your first task is to find a venue that will allow for this kind of event. There are various places around the UK that cater for this and are already equipped to hold a wedding. All you need to do is a quick internet search in your local area. There are many licensed venues for legally recognised wedding ceremonies among woodlands. 
Treat the location just as you would any blank space. Although you have an amazing setting to work with, there are lots of things there maybe won't be. So remember to consider toilets, water and electricity. 
Carefully consider what time of year you want to have your woodland wedding. Think about how the leaves will look on the trees and what the condition of the ground will be like. Having it in the summer time will guarantee the trees to be lush and green, also providing shade from the sun. Where as in the autumn months the woodland transforms with the burnt oranges and reds creating a completely different vibe. Remember to visit the location before your day at the the time of year you'll be getting married, so it gives you a good idea what to expect. 
Think about the logistics first, is there plenty of parking for the guests, is the route to the ceremony easy to walk to, are the pathways good for elderly guests and wheelchair users. Could there be a plan b for bad weather. All these things will making planning less stressful if you consider every eventuality.
Make sure your guests are aware of the possibilities. It's a good idea to make sure they have the appropriate footwear on for the day, and make sure they are warm enough for sitting outside. You could maybe include all these details on your invitation. 
The great thing about holding your wedding in the woods is it needs little decorating, which is fantastic if you're on a tight budget. Use the trees to hang lights, using tree stumps as holders for candles and lanterns, and embrace nature with using what is around you for table details, like pinecones and leaves.
Using large rugs on the floor will make it easier for you to walk on, useful for creating a walkway for your guests when they arrive or if you create an aisle. 
Using materials such as wicker for your chairs will enhance the natural surroundings. Create a lounge area for your guests to take in natural beauty of the outdoors.
The details
Make sure to be mindful about the little details you add. You have to consider stationery elements may need to be secured down, as a slight gust and everything will not be how you left it. Remember to place a basket of blankets for older guests too, incase they get cold. Consider covering wooden benches with throws to make them warmer to sit on and have some umbrellas on stand by in case of a shower. 
Staying over
If you don't want your woodland adventure to end you may like to consider staying over. What a fantastic way to finish the day off with your guests enjoying the starry night sky with you. Bell tents or small tipis are great for this as they can fit into the woodland really easily. 
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