How to plan a micro wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 22 2021

We are seeing more couples opt for a micro wedding than ever before, as they have many plus points and advantages to them. Below are some great pointers with helping you to plan one. 
Find the right venue
Obviously a micro wedding is much smaller in size, so your want to find a venue that fits this really well. You want something that will allow your wedding day to feel more intimate. Having a smaller wedding will open up endless possibilities for the setting. This could be your favourite restaurant, a garden setting, a family home, the woods, the park, or the beach. 
Invite your closest family & friends
This is a very important thing to consider, so make sure to do this as a couple. You only want to choose your nearest and dearest to share this moment with you. And try not to feel bad about who you aren't inviting. Your distant family will understand that you want to keep it small, so focus on what you want. 
Get creative with your wedding elements
Fewer guests will definitely mean less stress and more quality time creating the day you want to have. It's an opportunity to have a more unique venue, custom drinks, more elaborate decorations, a new food experience, and get everyone involved in the entertainment whether that's games or dancing.
Hire a Photographer 
You still want to hire a photographer to capture your special day. Finding one that specialises in smaller weddings is a great idea as they will capture the intimate moments for you and all the little details that matter. 
Make it personal
Making your day more personal to you will be more doable as you won't have a large guest list to contend with. Things like table decor and place settings can really start to add up once you get going and is where a lot of your time and money will end up. So you will have more time to focus on adding personal touches, such as handwritten notes to each guest, or picking wild flowers in the morning of your wedding to make a bouquet to hold. 
Dine in style
With fewer guests it will be easier to choose food you love to eat without worrying if everyone will like it. It will be more like a dinner party where you can enjoy sharing grazing platters, and take more time to eat together making it more of an experience. 
Involve the guests more
Involving your guests to help out more with the planning will definitely be more manageable and more fun. Creating the day to together and involving them in decisions will mean to can all enjoy it more on the day. 



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