How to incorporate greenery into your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on December 09 2022

If you love greenery, you are in good company! You might be wondering how you can incorporate your love for it, into your wedding design though. Not everyone likes flowers, not everyone wants to have the 'go to' or 'traditional thing' when it comes to weddings, and I love that for the last fews years in the wedding industry, couples have been rewriting the rule book and leading the way for couples that want less of the traditional touches, and more of what they like instead.
Just because you don't want to incorporate flowers doesn't mean you won't be able to create an impact in your venue. I think greenery looks absolutely stunning in the right setting with the right decor and the right style. So I thought we would chat through the wedding styles it is best suited for first before i give you lots of ideas on where to include it.

Styles they Suit


One of the most popular styles that lends itself well to greenery is an industrial theme. It looks striking paired with black metal especially if you throw some neon colours in there too! You will notice, that among interior trends greenery is always added to black and wood designs to help soften the bold combination.


Now, you can't get any more greenery then with a tropical theme, can you? This is the perfect style for adding greenery too. I just love the plants available to pull off this type of look. Think palms, ferns, catcus's, succulents, the list is endless! Your design will look lush and fresh just like the tropical lands.

Eco - Friendly

Greenery is also best suited for couples who are looking at making conscious choices when it comes to their wedding overall. Some choices of flowers may need to be imported in depending on the season that they are available, and most will be thrown away after the big day. This makes greenery a go to choice, as some can be foraged from woodland or family gardens, and plants can be re-used or given to your guests as favours.


If you are looking for something different to 'the norm' in weddings then greenery is right up there! Couples craving for a different look, a different vibe and something modern, are the couples that greenery would suit best. If you are wanting to steer clear from normal traditions that are normally associated with weddings, then alternative options will appeal to you. It's fun to be different to the crowd, so embrace the greenery!


Now onto the key areas where you can add it..

Table Runners

Your tables are a great place to put greenery, using table runners made from eucalyptus will give a relaxed and informal vibe.

Larger Props

Larger decor items such as wooden ladders create the most amazing impact over the tables. A great way of filling them out is to use lots of greenery and foliage which will drape over the ladder creating an intimate canopy giving it a full and lush look.

Display Areas

Use plants to help decorate your display areas, whether that is your guest book table, welcome area or a relaxing lounge area for the guests to take some time out.


A little bit of extra detail using greenery can really make all the difference to table plans and welcome signs. You need to tie all the design in together, so that everything feels cohesive and finished.

Plants on the table

Plants can also be centre stage on your tables but instead of using the usual vases for flowers. Use plant pots to display them. Just like bud vases, there are an amazing collection of plant pots to choose from with different colours, shape and sizes. I have some fun wicker and terracotta pots in my prop hire collection, that you can take a look at here >>

Welcome Area

It's important not to forget attention to detail when decorating your venue. If you are adding crates and lanterns to a welcome area, remember to add those finally flourishes of greenery.


If you are adding drapes to your chairs, they may just need a bit foliage to add that something extra. Greenery really pops on top of white, it will just help make it look more interesting and look more finished.


Place Settings

It's amazing how a delicate stem of greenery incorporated into your place setting design can make all the difference and tie the whole look together perfectly. 
Leaves are also a fantastic way to include nature and there are some amazing colours to choose from, especially in the forever changing autumn months. 

Empty Corners

If you have an empty corner of the room that needs some life adding to it, all you need is a larger plant to make the space fill less empty. Plants such as Monstera, palm trees and banana leaf plants are great for adding some interest in an empty space.



Creating a backdrop of greenery is one sure way to create a statement. It will immediately draw the eye of your guests when they enter the room. Some great focal points to do this are the sweetheart table or top table, marriage signing area or a photo booth set up. You're guaranteed to have well styled photos with the perfect background.



As well as plants in pots, you could have glass terrariums instead. These are like  mini gardens on the table that are a fantastic alternative.



 Wedding bouquets made with lots of foliage instead of flowers is perfect for the casual bride who wants a relaxed bundle to hold on to. What about a hoop made of greenery for something different.

Down the aisle

Line the aisle with greenery instead of flowers. It can look very effective when styled in urns and attached to arches. Giving a very natural, rustic look.


If you are having a cake for your wedding, greenery is your friend. If you are having a semi-naked cake it looks stunningly simple. If you are having a pure white cake it can look very elegant and sophisticated. I absolutely adore this natural style and helps tie in all the other decor elements you have in the venue together.


Greenery in your wedding hair can look stunning. Think simple crowns using eucalyptus, or a simple hair comb made from leaves.


If you would like some help styling your wedding to add lots of touches to it you love, I offer a full design and styling service. If you would like to read more about that, you can find the details here >>


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