How to display your Table Numbers

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on August 23 2022

Are you wondering how to display your table numbers for your wedding? It's one of those things for the wedding that couples often don't give much thought to until a bit later, but it's actually is a huge deal, because it can effect how you decorate your tables. 
Now, we have to remember that table numbers are used to guide guests to their correct table, so they have to be clearly visible, but it doesn't mean they have to stick out like a sore thumb either!
I like to see table numbers incorporated into the design somehow so they look like they are part of the overall look. I have some fantastic suggestions for you with the table numbers I offer, that can be used as part of your table details and centrepieces. This way they will look like they are meant to be there!
Let's look at a few styles from the shop.

Luggage Tag Style

Luggage Tags include twine with them so they are perfect for tying around glass bottles (like wine bottles) , water jugs and big glass jars. Just tie them around the neck of a container and you are good to go!


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Photo By: Patpartridgephotography


Table Number Flags

Flags also work particularly well in bottles, jars and jugs as they are on a long wooden stick, so they are great if you prefer the look of your table numbers among your flowers a little more.


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Photo by: Caro Weiss

Flat Table Numbers

Flat table number cards work well in either frames, a table number holder or on mini easel. These will be chosen depending on what style you have to fit in with your table decor. 


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 Photo By: Jeni Lowe Photography

Folded Table Numbers

Folded table numbers are great if you are on a budget, as it takes away the cost of needing a stand, holder or frame for them. But again it all depends how you are going to decorate the rest of the table.

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 rustic folded table number

I hope these suggestions have given you some ideas. If you would like a bespoke design creating for your table set up then why not check out my bespoke design page where I can work with you 1-1.


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