How to Design a Wedding From Start to Finish

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 01 2023

There are so many details to decide and organise when it comes to designing your wedding, it can start to feel a bit overwhelming. I mean where do you even begin! The good news will be that all the hard work will be worth it in the end.
The key to successful wedding design is make it personal, because this will make your day more memorable.
If you put a lot of thought into your day, stay organised and make sure to whittle down all that inspiration you find, at the beginning of planning, it will definately feel easier to take on.

Where to Begin

Before you hop on any app that is going to grab your attention and influence you in any way, I would highly suggest having a closer look at home first. It's so important that your day feels like you and often your design choices are staring you right in the face. In order to find your style, your colour palette, your decor, and so on, you have to use what is in front of you.
What about taking a look in your wardrobe first, what kind of colours do you wear, do you love certain patterns? This could lead to your colour palette or design elements. What about your home, what colour are your rooms, what kind of decor do you choose? This could lead to your style and decor choices. 
Are you more sentimental? You might have family history that is important to you. Maybe you have some heirlooms like some family china, that could lead the design and colours you use. 
Another question to ask yourselves is, what do you both love to do together, do you have hobbies, fun traditions? Maybe you go for coffee in your favourite coffee shop every Saturday, this could lead to a design choice.
The most important thing to a great wedding design is to find those key ingredients that will help tell your unique love story and make your guests say, this is so them!

I have a free guide that I know you will find useful, which will help you discover your wedding vision here >>

Once you have taken some time to do this first it sets a solid foundation so you can stay focussed whenever you decide to go on the hunt to find some inspiration to help you. Because even though it is amazing how much we have at our finger tips with Pinterest and Instagram, it can be a bad thing, because it is a never ending machine, throwing out ideas. So keep in mind that these ideas are nice, and you will most likely like most things, but what do you like for you? What makes sense for your day?
I would advise if using Pinterest, to create different boards to separate and organise your ideas so that you can easily whittle down what you really love.

Choose a Venue Wisely

Try not to fall into the trap of booking a wedding venue because it's popular or new. Put plenty of thought into it, because it really does effect your overall wedding design. A wedding design is much more than decor and colours, it's about the atmosphere. So make sure the vibe of the venue matches what you want your day to feel like. And will it allow for your design details? For example: If you want lots of candles for a romantic vibe, will the venue allow this? If not, you're not going to achieve the desired effect you really want.


Hire a Pro

If you think you can pull off an amazing wedding design yourself then go for it. But there are wedding professionals for a reason. Wedding Stylists like myself live and breathe design everyday, they have a sharp eye for the details, know which suppliers would be the perfect fit to make it happen and make the best out of your styling budget. Working with a stylist can also give you more breathing room to get on with the rest of planning, because they will provide some structure of what needs to be done and when. Knowing someone else is taking care of these things will allow you to enjoy planning to it's fullest and get on with the fun tasks.


Trust Your Suppliers

Thinking you can take on everything yourself will lead to a nightmare planning journey, so make sure to choose suppliers who align with your vision. It's useful to show your suppliers images that you have narrowed down with notes attached of what you love about them, to help guide your suppliers. They need some idea what your after. But please remember wedding suppliers will not produce a carbon copy of the image. Your wedding is not in someone else's images. Giving your suppliers some control will mean you get the best out of them and you will most likely get a better result of what you had in mind. 



Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

The secrets to an amazing wedding design is to make sure all your design elements repeat themselves, so that it is all cohesive. If you are having a special font for the wedding invitations, you might want to run it through into the 'on the day' stationery. If you are choosing certain flowers for your ceremony area, think about adding the same ones to your reception area in some way. Think about when you receive your wedding photos, will they all look like they are from the same wedding?


I hope you have enjoyed these tips and if you would like to work with a stylist to help you create an amazing wedding design that feels like you, you can read more about my styling services here >>

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