How to Decorate an Industrial Wedding Venue

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on October 14 2021

My guess is that, if you have found this blog post you have got yourself an empty warehouse, converted factory or loft to decorate for your wedding venue. 
Let's just clarify what this type of venue would look like. Usually the interior is exposed brick work, visible pipe work, high ceilings, and a totally blank space for you to work with.
Couples that choose this kind of venue, are looking for somewhere unique and edgy to make a statement. They want the wedding to have an element of surprise as the guests will have know idea what to expect, as the outside of this type of building doesn't give anything away.
Just because the inside is a little rough around the edges, it doesn't mean the wedding will be. This kind of venue can look absolutely stunning if styled well. 
Space & Atmosphere
Usually these venues are a large space to work with, therefore suitable for larger guest numbers. You want your wedding to have the right atmosphere so make sure to choose a space that your guests won't feel lost in. Set up separate areas for eating, dancing, dessert time and a photo booth to maximise use of the space.
These venues typically have high ceilings, so you may want to consider hanging decorations at eye level which not only brings it to a more intimate level, it also ensure a great guest experience. 
Florals - The Plant Room
The best way to fill an empty space is to add large decor pieces. Think marquee letters, barrels and stacks of crates. You can use these to define different areas, such as the entrance and dancefloor.
Metallics work particular well with an industrial space. Gold, rose gold and copper are an amazing pairing. And you can be bold with a mixture of colours as the blank canvas will allow it.
No blank space is complete without lighting. Edison-style hanging light bulbs are the perfect addition to this style to add the magical charm.
Having a mixture of woods, metals, and stoneware gives an industrial space the interest it needs. Having a variety of wood tables and metal chairs will set you the right vibe.



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