How to choose your wedding style & colours

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 27 2019

Choosing your style and colours for your wedding day doesn't need to be complicated. There are some things to think about to keep it simple for you and avoid getting side tracked. Follow these handy steps to success.

What do you love?

What do you want your wedding guests to say when they walk into your wedding reception. "Oh my gosh this is soo them!"

It is really tempting to start searching online and get drawn in to what looks good. You may have said something like; 'Oh my god that beach wedding looks amazing, I want that!' Forgetting that you hate the sand in-between your toes and you don't like your hair getting blown about the wind!! There is nothing wrong with doing something that channels a different part of your personality, but it should be YOUR personalities that you are channelling and not someone else's.

So ask yourself these questions:

-What sort of things are you drawn to in life?

-What do you enjoying doing?

- What is your home decor like?

- What colours, textures and styles are in your wardrobe?

- What are your interests/ hobbies together?

- What do you like eating?

Most importantly, think about your love story, how you met, places you have been together and things you have done. There maybe something about this that is meaningful and you want to include in the day.

Also think, is their anything sentimental that you want to include in your day, such as your grandmothers veil for example, that may determine the style of your dress you choose, which will also help determine the style of your day overall. Starting with one key item can really set the style and tone.


Think about how you want your wedding day to feel. Do you want it to feel relaxed and informal, where the day floats along with little fuss, or do you want a traditional, formal feeling where there's more structure to the day.

Use your gut feeling to guide you. Talk it through so that you both feel happy with it and it feels like YOU.

Choose your Venue

You may have already chosen your venue. Therefore you may know the type of style you are going to have.

But if you have not chosen your venue, then once you have determined your style this will enable you to select a venue to suit it. The venue is a huge part in determining that style. Think about whether the venue is modern or vintage? What colours and textures are already part of the venue that you won't be able to change? This is a very important step that will help you to move forward with your ideas.

Choosing Colours

Again, choosing colours should be based on what you are drawn to.

But ask yourself:

- What colours are in the venue that I have to work with?

Some venues have a blank canvas so you can put your own stamp on it. But others have features you cannot change, so you will have to work with those!

-What colours are in season for the time of year we are getting married?

Don't think you have to be restricted by this. But taking into account what flowers, food and colours are in season will help create the atmosphere of the time of year you are getting married. 

Play with Colour

If you want to play with your palette then looking at a colour wheel will give you a good idea what colours compliment each other. This is when a mood/inspiration board comes in handy to see what works well together. Consider the current trends as some shades of colour may look dated with others, where you want it to remain modern and fresh looking. 



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