A Guide to help you choose your place setting stationery

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on August 30 2022

'How do I decide which stationery pieces to choose to arrange on my place settings to greet my guests?' There are so many options to choose from!
This question has come up a lot since meeting couples face to face at wedding fairs. When I show couples their options, I can already start to see the overwhelm set in. The 'How do we possibly decide?' faces. Different styles of menus and place cards can quite quickly confuse you into what you want and need. So I thought it would be super useful to give you a few fundamental things to think about that will help you narrow down what maybe a good fit for you. And explain what each option may be good for.

The Fundamentals

1.Think about how you want your guests to feel when they sit down. Consider the vibe you are going for.
2. Take your budget into account. How many guests you have will determine what you will have to spend.
3. Consider how much information you have and want to tell your guests.
4. Consider what is on the rest of your table.
5. Lean towards what your attracted to. We all have a preferred preference when looking at things.

Now, let's look at your options

I love to give my couples plenty of choice, but i realise it can be tricky narrowing down what will work best. So here is bit about each product, which i hope will help you decide more easily.


Flat Menus  

- Work well placed on top of folded napkins or tucked into pockets.
- Look nice styled on charger plates on their own.
- Great for layering your place cards on top.
- Can be made bigger if you prefer one menu per table. (which you can put into a frame or display on an easel)


Enjoy The Feast Menu>>

Fold Out Menus

- Great if you want to surprise your guests

- Great for combining the guests name tag with them

-You have plenty of space to put a menu, welcome message, order of service or any other kind of wording you want to include.

-Great to keep your place setting simple if the rest of your table is quite busy.

- Great for outdoor/marquee weddings in case of windy weather.


Fold out Welcome Menu>>

Guest Name Tags with Holes In & Twine

- Lots of styling options to play with.

- Perfect for adding to napkins, favours, cutlery and around menus.

- Great for outdoor/marquee weddings in case of windy weather, meaning they will stay where you put them.


 Rustic Name Tags>>

Gold Eyelet Name Tags>>

Flat Name Cards

- Great for combining with flat menus
- Adds layering and interest
- Great for pulling in different colours of your colour theme.
- Great for placing flat on charger plates or napkins.

Flat black and white name cards>>

Folded Name Cards

-The guests will find there seat more easily and quickly as it is more visible.

- Can be placed on top of charger plates or at the back of the plate.

- No need for any name card holders.


Combining Menus and Name Cards

 - The name cards will stay in place (great for outdoor wedding) as they will be attached either by twine, eyelet or paper clip.

-You can personalise each one with the guests own menu choices

- This can sometimes work out cheaper then buying them seperately. 


Gold Menus>>

 Matching Menus & Place Cards>>

Personalised Straw Flags

 - A great alternative to normal place cards

- Great for a relaxed and fun wedding vibe.

- You can add them to your guests glasses for a different look instead of laying them flat.

-You can tuck them inside napkin pockets.

- Your guests will actually use them, rather them being just something to look at!


Straw Flags>>

Personalised Napkin Wraps

 - Great for making each guest feel special.

- Gives a unique, stylish look to the place setting.

-The guests names are more likely to not move.

- Great for a neat and tidy look.




Personalised Napkin Wraps >> 


I hope you have found this guide super useful and you are closer to deciding on what to choose. If you would love some more help deciding what is the right fit for you or maybe you know you will benefit from a bespoke design, you can send an enquiry to chat it through.

Send An Enquiry>>

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