How to add more personality to your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 01 2020

Adding in your own personalities to your wedding is so important. Everything you choose for your day is going to represent you as a couple, therefore it all needs to align with who you are. It's all about adding in, what makes you so great together and making sure everything captures your love story perfectly.
So I wanted to give you some ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing, so that you can add in more of your own personalities. The more of these things you add in, the more your wedding will feel special, unique and personal. And be more memorable for you and your guests!

Write Your Own Vows

It's very popular these days for couples to write their own vows for the ceremony to each other. You are able to express your love together in your own words which will make your ceremony much more personal and you can treasure them afterwards as they will mean more to you both. I actually offer personalised vow booklets so that you can treasure your vows after the day. You can find them in the shop here >>

Involve your Hobbies

Incorporating what you like to do in your free time as a couple is a great way of adding in your personalities. You may play a sport together or go to dance lessons.You might enjoy going to the cinema together once a month or baking at the weekend. Whatever it may be there is always a way you can add this into your wedding. For example you might use your favourite film titles as table names. Or you might bake some cookies to give as wedding favours.


Add Quotes

Have a favourite quote you say to each other all the time, or a line from a song or movie? Why not have it made into a decor piece with some statement signage. It is a fantastic way of adding in a personal touch and makes a great talking point. This is the kind of thing that makes your wedding different to the last wedding you went to.



When choosing your wedding breakfast, make sure you think about what it is you really enjoy eating. What do you love having when you go out to your favourite restaurant or maybe you spend your weekend hunting down the latest trendy food truck. Whatever it is, remember to choose something that makes your mouth water, I'm sure your guests will love to try it too! Maybe you're not bothered about a wedding cake, but you love cupcakes instead or you would prefer ice cream as that's your favourite dessert. Or maybe you love doughnuts, and would love a doughnut wall. Eat what you love and you can't go wrong!


Signature Drinks 

Maybe you are big into your drinks and want to go all out at the bar. Maybe you each have a go to tipple that you could serve up to your guests to try. Or it maybe a cocktail hour you want to provide so your guests can choose from your signature cocktails. Adding more of your personalities into the experience is key. It may even be a pre wedding drinks party you want to put on for some of your guests, if this is what you would normally do for a special event.



The soundtrack of your love story. Make sure your playlist is personal. This could be a combination of music you love together and what you grew up listening to. You may even want to choose a band to play that is personal to you both. Perhaps you went to a gig of the band when you were first dating. It would add a meaningful touch bringing back the memories and sharing that with your guests.



The colours and decorations you choose for your wedding is a great way to express your personalities. This is all going to make up an overall vibe that shows your guests how you see yourselves. Your actual personalities can shine through all the visuals so that your guests say 'this is so them'. It really can be that powerful! 



Arrive in style by thinking outside of typical traditions. Depending on the style of venue and the type of day you are having, will help determine what to arrive in and what to leave by. Your parents may work on the land therefore you may arrive by tractor. You might have a cool family member with a motorbike, or you may want to hire a camper van if you are whisking yourselves away for your honeymoon. 


What it comes own to, is not to be afraid of doing what makes you YOU! You are a unique couple, so show the sides of you that make you special. You don't need to follow trends or traditions if it doesn't resinate with you. Share your love story with your guests and as well as getting the most out of the experience yourselves, your guests will enjoy the whole day much more too!

If you would love so help adding in your personalities to your wedding, I have a super helpful free guide that will help you through the process. You can find it here by signing up to me mailing list. I hope you enjoying filling it in!


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