Four of my best secrets to make your event unique and stand out from the crowd so it's memorable

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on February 26 2024

Are you planning a special event which you desperately want to make unique? Today I am sharing four of my best secrets that I think make your event extra special and unique, so that you have the best chance of standing out from the crowd and ultimately making your event more memorable. I believe every event can be unique, you just need to tap into these four key things. If being different is important to you, you will apply them all and with that totally impress your guests attending. You can get more of an insight into these ideas in this helpful video below.


Go Bespoke 

In my opinion the best way to make your event unique is to chose to work with a designer on something totally bespoke. This could be a bespoke event design involving colour choices and decorations, it could be a bespoke prop made just for you or designing a bespoke stationery collection instead of it being straight off the shelf. Bespoke means it is tailored to you and your event, taking into consideration your style, colour scheme and the overall vibe you want. It's also a fantastic way of setting yourself apart from the masses, as it's easy to get caught up in what's been done already. The problem with that is you won't achieve unique. When you work with someone on something bespoke you have the chance of making it more personal and meaningful, which can help you tell a story. Instead of searching high and low for something that 9 times out of 10 doesn't exist. Tell me how long have you spent searching for the perfect invitation? I'm guessing too long, right?

 I offer a bespoke stationery design service to help you make your event extra special like it deserves. We chat about your design brief and I will work my magic to design something that will help bring it all to life. You can read more about it here >> if you're interested.

 vellum stationery design


Another way to make your event unique is to add your personal details throughout your event. The most obvious way to do this is to personalise items such as stationery and signage with names or initials to make it extra special. It could be a personalised monogram or logo that is incorporated. But this could also be ideas like your personal favourite drinks or sweet treats or what about your favourite dinner choice that you could serve up. It could be a favourite quote that you could incorporate some how in your signage or in your menu. Making your event personal means it will be like no-one else's. Which is what you ultimately want.

 personalised wedding favour tags for mini plants

Do your own thing

With ideas galore around us it's easy to be influenced by what's trending and what others are doing, but while this is useful for inspiration, I have personally found it's better to tap into what you love more. That's where uniqueness lies. It's all the things you love and find interesting to explore, and it's the things you value and believe in the most that are important. These things live in your daily routine, so you don't have to look far.  I encourage you to throw out the rule book and start your own traditions and put your own twist on an idea. It can be scary to do this, but mark my words, people will be following your lead if you are brave. I find this a lot with weddings in particular as couples feel like they have to follow suit, but if you don't want to do a 'tradition' then don't do it, it's your day remember. Another thing I wanted to point out as I think it's worth noting, is not to book suppliers or a venue to work with just because they have been recommended to you by a friend. While this is helpful, remember to only book with someone if they fit with your vision and what you want to achieve. Going with all the same suppliers as your close companion means your event may end up looking and feeling the same, which is what you don't want when your going for unique.

tropical summer garden look


Add meaningful touches

Another great way of being unique, is to incorporate the things that mean a great deal to you. It could be choosing your wedding date based on the day you both met. Adding a lost relatives table with photos to remember them by. It could be choosing to tie the knot at a special place you once visited together. Adding your mums brooch to your flower bouquet. Or use your grandma's reciepe for cookies to bake your guests favours. Adding meaning is a sure way of achieving uniqueness. If you would like some help tapping into what this is for you, I offer this service with my event design, which you can read more about here >>


terracotta envelope and invitation tropical leaves

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