Five Botanical Wedding Styles

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 20 2023


botanical wedding styles


If you are seeking an alternative look to help you style your wedding but you're not quite sure what that style is yet, you have come to the right place. In this blog post I am going to be exploring five different botanical styles that you could use to help you decorate your wedding throughout.


Who's it for?

The botanical style is for couples who are looking for something different, something non traditional, and something that feels more in line with their personalities. Not everyone wants the 'typical' wedding decor and attire, and we are seeing a massive shift away from all of this, with couples finding their own ways to be more personal and make their day unique to them.

I am the kind of stylist, who encourages couples to embrace all the things they love and merge it into a design. Couples who love nature, interior design, patterns and an nostalgic vibe will absolutely love these new trendy styles.

It's worth saying, just because you are opting for a different style to the masses, doesn't mean you are limited by what you do. In fact it's quite the opposite! There is so much scope to explore with these styles.

Let's dive in to what these five styles are, so you can start to get the creative juices flowing!


Natural Botanicals

The natural botanical style is simple and stylish. Perfect for a more calming atmosphere. Most likely out of the five styles we will be looking at, this will be most popular as it's ideal for couples who love the modern rustic look which is still going strong in weddings. You could compare this style closely to Scandi living. The colour palette is based on whites, soft greys and nude colours, combined with organic greens, natural wood tones and some black details for some sophisticated contrast. Soft materials work well such as linen table runners and napkins to help style your tables. And plenty of plants and greenery to keep the look fresh. Ideas for styling tables could be as simple as adding single stem leaves to glass jars down the centre of your tables or grouped together as a styled centrepiece. Adding some warmth with wooden crates will help make a warm welcome to greet your guests and apothecary drawers would make a fun creative table plan or favour zone.

natural botanical wedding



Vintage Botanicals

A vintage style is most suited to couples who are looking for pretty decor with floral elements to help them create an english country garden vibe. This style is great for couple who still want some floral elements, but keeping it natural looking with wild flowers. Colour palettes for this tend to be soft and delicate with pastel tones. And decor tends to be retro or reclaimed vintage pieces to create the perfect combo. It's quite common to pair this look with serving an afternoon tea as your wedding breakfast as the mis-matched china works perfectly. Pretty floral prints could be incorporated on bunting, napkins or stationery pieces to tie everything in together.

Within the vintage style you could go for fresh vintage, retro vibes, urban style or romantic. All providing something a little different to each other. It's all about having fun with it and giving it a modern twist that puts your stamp on the look combining the elements you love.


vintage botanical wedding style


(Urban Vintage)

( Romantic Fresh Vintage )



Boho Botanicals

Boho botanicals are perfect for couples who are after a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of character. Colour palettes for this tend to be deep, rich and dark with mustard yellows, browns, and vibrant pops of purple and hot pinks. Floaty materials and silk work amazingly well for table runners and napkins helping to give an indulgent look. Leafy hanging plants like spider plants and pampass grass in large vases work wonders together. And bold florals also give a strong statement to the design. Chill zones can be created with personality by adding  leather pouffes, fringed cushions and lampshades with tassels.

If you love the ethnic look, woven rugs for your ceremony area and moroccan lanterns could line the aisle to help decorate. Coloured glassware could be used on the tables to help display bold florals or stone bud vases for a different look.

boho botanical wedding style

Tropical Botanicals

The tropical botanical style is perfect for couples looking to add lots of fun into their wedding day. It's very retro with a vibrant jungle feel helping you make a statement. Wedding designs with this style tend to be lush, vibrant and bold. Think tropical oasis with a colour palette of dark leafy greens, peacock blues, with pops of orange, pink, purple and turquoise to liven things up and add interest. Rattan decor pieces work wonders with this style to help create a chill out zone or show off your cake. Adding a collection of palm trees, ferns and cactus's will also give the design a tropical twist. With your lighting, you could add a fun neon sign  as a photo backdrop to create a wow piece.
tropical botanical wedding style


Industrial Botanicals

Industrial botanicals is an eclectic mix of industrial decor with masses of greenery. What was once loved in old schools and warehouses is now super trendy in weddings. Couples who will love this look may love home interiors that has an edge. The way to achieve it is by using black metal decor such as candlesticks and lanterns, pendant bulb lighting as a feature over your tables or ceremony backdrop. Using wooden crates and vintage coloured bottles in green and amber to help style tables out is a match made in heaven. Even concrete decor like tea light holders are perfect for the edgy vibe. It's a really fun style to play with, with colours such as black, brown, terracotta, greens and silver.


industrial botanical wedding style





No matter what your preference is with botanicals, as you can see there is something for everyone who wants to incorporate nature into their wedding. The first thing to think about when selecting your favourite style is to consider the season you want to tie the knot, as this will help you determine what is available to you, to help you achieve the look at the time of year.


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