Finishing touches to add to your stationery

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on January 04 2023

If you want to take your wedding stationery to the next level and give it the ultimate wow factor, you can easily do this with some extra special touches. When looking for stationery it's important to keep an open mind as most designers like myself are open to changing things to suit your wedding style and colours. And by adding finishing touches it's a great way of making your wedding more unique and personal to you.
 It's all about taking a design up a notch, tying it in with your love story and co-ordinating with your colour theme. It is also a great way of adding some texture and layers which is what amazing designs are made of.
Let's chat through your options to help you add a professional finish.

Wax Seals

I've put wax seals at the top of the list as I think they are the ultimate finishing touch, my not so secret favourite!! Available in all different colours and fun designs to match your wedding theme. The really fun part is they can be added to most stationery pieces, from invitations, for sealing envelopes, used on table plans and all the table details such as numbers, menus and place cards. Take any plain stationery and add a wax seal and it will add a sense of luxury.



Eyelets are a tiny detail, but can make such a difference to a piece of stationery. Punched holes in place cards, name tags, favour labels and menus just don't look finished without an eyelet. They are available in lots of colours to match your colour palette.


Tassels are a really fun finishing touch, they are available in all the colours of the rainbow and look great added to name tags, menus and invitations. You could even add them to bookmarks and gift them as favours to your guests.

Paper Clips

Paper clips are another small detail that can really elevate a design to the next level. They are great for attaching pieces together so this could be an invitation set or name tags to menu cards.

Foil Flakes

Foil flakes are my personal favourite as I create foil stationery so are a match made in heaven when used together. You can get them in metallic finishes such as gold, rose gold, copper and silver. You can add them to wax seals and the corners of any stationery pieces to add the extra wow factor. You only need a little to totally transform a design.

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