Festival Tipi Inspiration

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on June 21 2022

Tipis are perfect for hosting a festival wedding theme. Their shape, structure and blank canvas allow you to play with vibrant bold colours. I was a styling assistant for Colette from Stories of Style at Scrizlebsy Walled Garden where there are three glorious tipis for holding your wedding, complete with bar, wooden floor ideal for dancing and their very own glitter ball!
If you are wondering how you can create a festival theme inside a tipi check out these handy tips to add colour.

Mix & Match

I particularly loved how Colette mixed up the colours on the backs of the chairs and the napkins and candles on the tables. It gave a fun, carefree vibe which is perfect for a festival style.

The main colours were pink and green, but just by adding a touch of blue, green and yellow were enough to balance out the total effect.

Add Bright Foils

One way to add a statement and a festival vibe to your place settings is to add foiled stationery. Choosing shiny brights like this hot pink and gold combination will add a sense of fun and excitement. 
This was a bespoke design created just for the open day, but if you would like something special making just for your day, then you can read more about that service I offer here >>>
I made bespoke table numbers in the same style to fit inside these beautiful gold leaf frames. The pink and gold are a match made in heaven!

Colourful Flowers

Choosing flowers that are colourful and bright is an easy way you can add instant impact to create a festival vibe. From roses, to tulips to sunflowers, you should have no trouble finding something to match your theme.

Dried Florals work really well too! Favourites such as pampas grass is now available in all different colours, helping you add more colour pops to a dried arrangement, then ever before.


Make sure your decorations match the festival vibe you are trying to create. Using fun, whimsical, bright, colourful and loud pieces, you are easily going to create a carnival vibe which is what festival is all about.

Other ways to add pops of colour

Use the wooden poles inside a tipi to hang decorations such as bunting, garlands and paper lanterns. If you are looking for full festival vibes go big or go home I say!! 


I hope you enjoyed these top tips and found them useful.

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Photos By: Jeni Lowe Photography




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