Essential areas to style at your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 16 2021

Decorating your wedding reception is the fun part of your wedding planning. Consider styling the areas of your wedding that will be caught on camera, that you may otherwise forget about. I have listed some extra places to consider giving that extra attention that add a little something extra to your day.
Ceremony Aisle
Make walking up the aisle that bit more magical. Whether its Shepards crooks holding flowers, lanterns at the side of the aisle or feathers scattered on the floor. That extra touch will make it even more memorable. 
 Decorate the backs of chairs or on the end of a row at the wedding ceremony.It adds a nice touch. You may want to use 'reserved' cards or tags to save the wedding party seats. You can find a variety of styles here in my shop.
wedding reserved tags
A space which is often forgotten about is the ceiling. An impact can really be made with hanging decor from beams. This may include lights, bunting, or floral hoops. It can dramatically transform a empty space.
Depending on your location, don't forget the outside. If your guests are going to be mingling outside for any length of time your want to make sure to add any extra touches. If your wedding photos are being taken outside you may need some props to help a focal area come to life.
The Dance floor
If your first dance is going to being epic and it's a memory you want to treasure forever when you look back, then you may won't to consider styling around it so that it looks amazing in the photos. How about some big light up letters or a drop dead gorgeous backdrop you can dance in front of.
The Bar
As long as the bar has easy access to it for your guests and has plenty of space you can decorate this area to give it more wow. Add a signature cocktail sign, fun drink decor with personalised straws and style it just as your other areas.
If you are struggling to know where to start then I have a great blog post here that can help >>>

Six key areas to style at your wedding

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