Elegant Neutral Tipi Ideas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on May 30 2022

Tipis are wonderful for lots of wedding styles. Festival, bohemian, whimsical, eco-friendly and party vibes, to name a few. But what if you are looking for something a little more romantic and elegant? How can you achieve this in a tipi?
Let's take a look at some top tips I have for you.


To achieve a soft and dreamy vibe in a tipi, choosing your colour palette has to be on point. Soft, muted and dusky colour tones work best to achieve a calming atmosphere. Pastels such as blush pink, as shown here, will help you ooze the romantic feels.


Adding some texture with materials is another key ingredient. Anything floaty like chiffon and cheesecloth are perfect for table runners and napkins for creating elegance.


When choosing decorations for your tables, think delicate and slim. Anything to big and clunky will just set the wrong balance. Tapered candles on slim candlesticks are ideal and glass bottles or vases work well. 

Mood Lighting

To create a romantic atmosphere it's important not to forget about the lighting! You can really go to town with the decor, but it can easily fall flat if you forget about the mood. Think tea lights, candles at different heights and fairy lights galore. Be wary of adding too many, as you don't want it to feel too festive. Just enough to lift what you have created. If you have any glass or mirrored items, the lights will make them look even more stunning with the reflection of the lights.



Delicate florals will help you create a romantic feel, dried flowers go well with lots of greenery. My advice is to not over complicate your florals. They don't want to be too distracting, just enough to tie everything together so it all works in harmony.

Foiled Stationery

Nothing oozes elegance quite like foiled stationery. Bronze foil works particularly well among muted tones as its more subtle than the more popular metallics such as gold. I also think tassels work really nicely along side your stationery, whether they are incorporated on your menus or place cards. The are a beautiful addition which feels very elegant, and add a bit more texture to your place settings.

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Attention To Detail

When going for a romantic and elegant vibe, attention to detail is key. Everything will want to be well thought out and beautiful balanced, all so that your guests feel welcome and relaxed. Little details like flowers on the backs on chairs will not go un-noticed, so it's worth spending time on these extras. 


One of the nicest way to add some more elegance, is to include some draping in your design. It could be on chair backs, a display piece, or even from the ceiling, which can provide an intimate vibe.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and find them useful.
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