Dusky Blue & White Wedding Inspiration

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 04 2022

Dusky Blue is one of the perfect colours to use for a spring time wedding. It's pastel, muted tone gives a calming vibe, and when it's paired with white, it can look extremely elegant and sophisticated. To get this style evenly balanced, let's take a closer look at how to use this colour to achieve a stunning wedding style.

Pops of Colour

The key to getting the right balance of blue so that is feels calming and relaxed is to add little hints here and there. Adding white chair drapes in a light floaty material helps give an elegant feel and by adding a small dainty blue flowers, will just add that extra little detail to break up so much white.

Colour Tones

Be wary of only using 1 tone of blue in your design, as this can sometimes look a little flat. You will notice if you look closely, a few tones of blue are used to give things more depth and contrast. You can see here with the cake below, the dusky blue is on the bottom tier, but the flowers added are a slightly darker muted colour to contrast. As long as they are muted tones it will compliment the main colour perfectly.

Blue Flowers

Blue flowers are harder to come by and a little more expensive, but blue hydrangeas are not only perfect for the spring season they look absolutely stunning as they supply a few different tones within the flowers. Adding a few white blooms within a bouquet or centrepiece will keep it looking clean and elegant.

Adding Glassware

Clear bottles and crystal candlesticks are perfect for adding that elegant touch to the tables. You need something that doesn't distract the eye too much, so glassware is ideal for achieving this.

Place Settings

If you are using white crockery which provides an elegant look, adding blue napkins will add the pop of colour you really need. The blue menu with white foil writing ties everything together without being too distracting. This was a bespoke design I made for this style shoot. You can read more about getting something made especially for your wedding here >>

Want more blue?

If you are after more blue in your design you could always add a table runner down the centre of your tables to add more contrast. This can help make more of a statement in the middle for you to add your centrepieces to. 


Blue candles and ribbon are among a few other ways to add a splash of blue. As long as you have a good balance of each colour with a few different tones, you will easily create an elegant and sophisticated style with a relaxed atmosphere.

If you would like some bespoke stationery made for your day, you can send an enquiry here >>>

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