Common Wedding Styling Mistakes

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 01 2023

After being a stylist in the wedding industry for a while now, I am sharing my experience to let you in on a few styling mistakes I often see couples making all the time. When it comes to dressing your venue, there are 5 things to consider that you may not have thought about yet. So let's dive into what they are, so you can do your best to avoid them.


Not Repurposing Decor

This can be a costly mistake to make, as you want to get maximum use out of all your decorations that you are either buying or hiring. When choosing decor for your ceremony area, you want to make sure you are re-using those items in your reception afterwards. If you have any flowers, props, signage or a ceremony backdrop, make sure to move them all after you have finished in that area, to your reception while your guests are having photos taken or enjoying a drink. This way you can decorate two areas of your wedding for the price of one. Nothing goes to waste, and your guests will never even notice!! 

Not Having Wedding Signage

If you don't have the correct signage at your wedding then your wedding day won't flow as well. That's a fact! Your guests need to know where to go, what time to be there, and what to do, so clear instructions are key to a successful flowing day. If you don't want your guests arriving late, not turning phones off when they should, and going to the wrong door for the reception, then you need to have signage in the right place for them with clear instructions of what you want them to do.  


Table Centrepieces to High

It would be a disaster if your guests sat down for dinner, and couldn't see each other properly over the table, because there is a tall or wide centrepiece in the middle blocking their view. Always consider the height and width of your table decor so that your guests can chat comfortable to each other without obstructions in their way.


Not checking sizes of Stationery

A common mistake couples also make, is not checking sizes of their 'on the day' stationery items with there other decor. For example; If you are placing table numbers into picture frames, making sure they are the correct size when ordering is essential, as you don't want to be modifying things if they do not fit when it comes to set up day. There won't be time to faff about! This also goes for menus and place cards, checking they are in proportion of your charger plates before hand, will avoid any obvious errors to guests.


Under-estimating Time Decorating the Venue

This is a very common mistake as until you actually dress a room for a wedding, you won't realise how much time this actually takes to do. Couples massively under estimate how long it will take to do everything. Even when you have everything ready and organised, the time will just fly!  When it comes to choosing decorations for the venue, couples tend to forget about how long a single task will take to set up. If it is blowing up balloons, fluffing up paper poms poms or tying up bunting, these are tasks that will take long periods of time. So when you are looking at decor you want, remember to factor in how much time you have to play with, before it all needs to be ready. Because you might realise you just won't have the time to do it all in the time scale available to you.


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