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Boho Chic Wedding Styling

The bohemian style in weddings is perfect for the couple who are drawn to the the soft and romantic look. The vibe is inspired by nature and the outdoors using earthy colours, textures and materials. It is combines a feeling that is relaxed, bold and unusual.
I hope these bohemian mood boards help inspire you.
Pure bohemian style uses colour tones such as earthy brown, beige, taupe and sandy creams bring a calm vibe and keeps it romantic.
boho chic mood board

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Dried flowers are big for the boho theme and very on trend in 2021. Think large palm spears and pampas grass to create bigger decor installations and smaller bunny tails, poppy heads, and dried Gypsophilla flowers for bouquets and table styling.
delicate boho wedding mood board

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 The bohemian style is all about comfort with light textures such as lace and chiffon materials which will ooze romance with delicate details. Bringing the outside in with nature is key with simple florals such as eucalyptus.
rustic charm mood board


Images top left to bottom right 1/2/3/4/

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