Rustic Boho Wedding Tablescape Ideas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on August 06 2021

The bohemian theme is extremely popular for weddings and a strong favourite among couples who love the outdoors, the use of natural materials, and want a relaxed atmosphere for their wedding day. It is often associated with a 'festival' type of wedding, but I am here to show you, that you can take certain elements of the bohemian vibe, and turn it into a unique style of your own. 
Ok great, so where do I start?
When styling your tables, I like to firstly think about the overall mood you want to create. This really helps set a good foundation for choosing your table decor. Bohemian is known for a chilled vibe which feels casual, so your guests can feel relaxed.
The next thing I like to think about, is the materials you want to incorporate. These have to fit the theme and vibe. Materials such as wood are perfect for adding a natural vibe that works well. Lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and cotton, work really well too, to help create a relaxed experience.
Typically a bohemian theme is made up of an earthy colour palette. Think browns, greens, and greys for your base colours. And then to make it your own, choose other colours that compliment you as a couple and fit the vibe you want to create. If you want a soft and romantic vibe, choose muted colours, such as sage green, or mauve. For a more vibrant style, choose colours such a fiery orange or peacock blue. 
boho olive green mood board

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Dried Flowers
Dried flowers are a personal favourite of mine. Not only do they look amazing, they work perfectly with the bohemian style. There are lots of options for creating beautiful centrepieces. From pampas grass, to bunny tails, from wheat to palm leaves.
When it comes to choosing decorations for the tables, remember all the key ingredients above: Atmosphere, Materials, and Colours. This will help you choose what you need without getting side tracked! For example; Choosing coloured crystal glassware will help you create an elegant, romantic feel. Where as choosing terracotta pottery would add a more rustic vibe.
boho place setting
When it comes to choosing your stationery for the tables, using natural materials and colours to compliment, will really help you finish your look. I have the perfect stationery collection 'Rustic Charm' to help you bring it all together. You will find matching menus, place cards and table numbers

You can watch how I bring this style together below. Enjoy!

If you would like some help bringing your bohemian style to life, you maybe interested in my Creative Kickstart styling consultation, where we can chat about your ideas to help bring it to life. 
bohemian wedding tablescape



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