Benefits of using dried flowers in your wedding

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 08 2023

As well as dried flowers being so on trend at the moment, they have also got some amazing benefits to add to your wedding. Not only do they look aesthically pleasing, they are super efficient too! Today I am chatting through the many benefits of incorporating them into your wedding design. You will be totally convinced by the end of this post I'm sure!
So let's dive in to what those benefits are

Longer Lasting

One of the greatest appeals to using dried flowers instead of using fresh flowers, is that they will last a hell of a lot longer. If you look after them they can last for many years. This makes them a very smart choice as the money you spend on them for your wedding day, will give you joy for a lot longer than just one day. This makes them a sustainable choice as these flowers have already been saved from the compost heap. So if you are an eco conscious couple then this could be the perfect fit for you. If you want to save your bouquet or buttonholes after your big day, dried flowers are a great way of doing this without the worry of preserving them yourself afterwards. If you have a larger arrangement you can use it afterwards to decorate your own home. So as you can see, opting for dried is a win win situation!



Better for Budget

While dried flowers aren't the cheapest alternative, they are cheaper in the long run than fresh flowers. This is down to the fact that you get to keep them afterwards and they still look as good as the first day you got them. You simply just can't do this with fresh ones, they will only last a week, tops, looking there best!



Suit many Styles

Dried flowers are a match made in heaven for many wedding styles. They are more well known for bohemian themes, but due to their growing popularity, we are seeing them used for all different types of wedding styles these days. Including country garden, rustic, whimsical, tropical and even disco and festival themes. This is because of the sheer variety available to couples now. The sizes, the types and the colours allow for so much creativity and can easily achieve different looks.


Paired with Decor

The other great news is that dried flowers look just as amazing as fresh flowers, especially when paired with your wedding decor. Baby's breath paired with disco balls, yes please! Bunny tails with rustic bud vases, and dried eucalyptus with recycled glass, not to mention feathery pampas grass's matched with wooden props. All dried flowers look great with decor pieces, they add softness, texture, character and an element of fun. 


The most exciting thing is how much choice there is of dried flowers out there on the market. Depending on what kind of vibe you are going for, will depend on what you end up choosing. Whether it is small and delicate with bunny tails and star flowers you are after to create a romantic look, thistles and greenery to create a rustic vibe, or big and bold with palm leaves and pampass grass to create impact, there is most definately something for everyone. 


 It can be overwhelming when there is so much choice available to you, so if you need some help deciding, dried flowers is a service I offer within my wedding styling services. You can read more about that here.


Choices of Colour

An exciting prospect of dried flowers is the assortment of colours available. When dried flowers were mainly thought of for a relaxed bohemian theme, all we could get our hands on were neutral colour palettes (mostly in there natural state) But now with the demand so high, and the addition of more colour being included in the wedding industry, we are seeing lots of new colours coming into the limelight. You can get baby's breath, palm leaves and bunny tails in multiply colour ways, which makes it very exciting. This means there is more scope for making your wedding more unique.



Prep in Advance

One thing that can be overlooked, yet so important to consider, is that they can be prepped in advance. Unlike fresh flowers, which of course have to be done right near the wedding day in order to look there best. The advantage of using dried, is that your stylist can get them ready ahead of time, which means it will save time you maybe don't have when setting up your venue. Anything in containers, bouquets, buttonholes and table decorations can easily be created long before the wedding. Depending on any larger installations you have, those type of arrangements can even be created before hand and then attached on location when it's set up day.


Provide Fragrance

Having dried flowers doesn't mean you have to comprise on the smell either. Some dried florals will still have a fragrance to them, such as lavender and eucalyptus. In fact it might be a preferred option for many couples, as some fresh flowers can be over powering with there scent.

Use throughout Wedding

As I touched on before, dried flowers can be used throughout the different areas of your wedding. From your bridal bouquet to wedding party boutonnieres. To bud vases to larger arrangements attached to a display area like your ceremony backdrop. To even the smaller details such as your place settings and stationery. This is fantastic news as this way your dried flower theme can run through the entire wedding, tying everything into together nicely so it feels cohesive.



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