Amazing food and drink station ideas for your event

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 03 2019

If you have been searching for a fun way for you and your guests to eat and drink at your special event then you have come to the right place for some inspiration. I am serving up some fun ideas that you could incorporate. With fun food options to wet your appetite and cool drink options to quench your thirst. Now some of these ideas, you maybe able to pull off yourself with some planning if you are doing a diy event at home, and some of the others you may need a bit of help to achieve with help from a venue, caterer or stylist. So let's get started and chat about some of your options.

Cocktail Bar

Cocktails and Mocktails are a fun addition to any event to help bring the atmosphere alive. If you create an exciting area where all the glasses are lined up, and you have a server/waiter doing impressive cocktail shaking, then this will make a fun interactive space. Guests like trying new things so this is a fantastic opportunity to create that for them. If it's a wedding you could choose your favourite tipples making it more personal. You can really go to town with the decorations to style the station/bar. Why not add some fun signage to let your thirsty guests know the options. And how about decorating your drinks with fun drink straws. Personalised with the event details or each guests name.

You can find this fun sign here, that can be personalised with your own drink cocktail options.

cocktail sign for garden party

Bring your cocktails to life with fun decor details such as these tropical straw flags. Can be personalised to match your event. You can find them here >>


botanical bridal shower drink strawsIf you're having a wedding reception why not personalise each guests place setting with these fun name straws that they can use all evening. You can find them here >>


tropical cocktail drink straws

Tea & Coffee Bar

Depending on what type of event you are hosting will depend if you want to serve hot drinks to your guests. They work well at a wedding. Instead of serving tea and coffee to everyone though, create a separate area instead where guests who want a hot drink can serve themself. When guests are drinking alcohol in the evening, they may not want a tea or coffee as well, therefore serving everyone would be very wasteful. You can make these area a bit of a chill area, with comfy seating, cosy vibes and cushions, to enjoy there hot beverage away from all the other noise.

Grazing Table

An amazing idea for a food station is a grazing table. It could consist of many options depending on what you love to eat and what the theme of your event is. For example; a popular choice at a wedding after the main meal could be a cheese table. You could put a selection of different cheese choices among fruit such as grapes and figs, with a variety of cured meats, crackers and chutneys. You can arrange it all together so it looks pleasing on the eye. Using a paper runner to lay everything out and label it on the paper. Or you could create more height with crates and baskets to display your food, making it look a delicious feast for the eyes, labelling everything clearly so your guests know what everything is.


There are also lots of other things guests like to graze on such as an olive bar, with a variety of flavoured breads, vinegars and oils. Or what about a healthy fruit bar with a colourful selection of choices, such as bananas, grapes, figs, kiwis to snack on, as well as fruit juices to drink such as freshly squeezed orange juice or apple juice. It could even be a nut bar, with different nuts to graze on! A crisp station with different flavours to select from served in baskets. So you see, there are endless options when it comes to this idea, it just depends what you love to graze on.


 Pizza Station

I love a pizza station, there's nothing quite like a pizza at an event, especially when you can choose your own from a wide selection of toppings. It's a fun idea to get your guests up out their seat and choose there favourite. It's always a great way of guests trying new flavours as well as they could select multiple slices from different pizzas and it also makes for a fantastic social area as guests move down the line.


 Dessert Station

Having a variety of dessert choices for your guests to help themselves is a winning idea, as who doesn't like to have a choice given to them?! You could serve up a selection of gateaux, zingy cheesecakes, cute cupcakes or sponge cakes displayed on a table to entice them in again and again. You can use cake stands and baskets to arrange all the desserts, decorated with candles, flower and crates to add height and interest. Make sure to label all your dessert options so your guests are aware of what each selection is, incase they don't like certain foods.


I think food and drink stations are really fun to create as you can get really creative with them and make them a star feature in your event. Remembering that guests eat and drink with their eyes first, will help you create a display that will entice them in to what you are serving up.


I have a wide selection of signage that you can use to entice your guests up to your food and drink stations. You can find the different designs here >>

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