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If your looking for something different to set your wedding day apart, then having a food station for your wedding guests to enjoy might well be the unique idea your looking for. Whether you fancy a snack bar, or a dessert station you can certainly make it your own with all the different options out there. Some you could easily pull off yourself with some planning and others you may need a bit of help from the venue or your caterer. So let's get started.
Points to remember when planning your food station:
How many guests will it need to cater for?
Remember to work out generously how much of everything you will nee, depending on how many guests you have attending.
How much room do you have to add one?
Check with your venue whether there will be plenty of room to have one.
How are you going to display it?
A chance to bring out your creative skills and think of the best way to display your chosen food, remember it has to be practical but fun!
Can the guests help themselves or does it need someone serving?
The great thing about a food bar is that guests can go up to it whenever they wish and help themselves. But some foods may need a little more attention.
Pretzel Bar
Why not have a pretzel bar as you have just tied the knot! (sorry I couldn't resist!) Include some yummy sauces for your guests to dip in to. There are several ways you could create a mouth watering display like below. Supply some paper bags to pop them in and napkins in case your guests get messy.
Donut Wall
Now, who wouldn't want a doughnut wall at their wedding! This is such a popular idea at the moment. Most guests like a doughnut, and the great thing is you can select different flavours and have some plain so there is something for everyone. Display them on a wall like below to create a statement piece. You may even want to create an interactive element where the guests move along the line to add their own icing flavours and sprinkles. 

If you're having a doughnut wall you would love this fun wedding sign to create a display with >>>

When your guests are feeling a little peckish in the evening, they will be so glad you added this snack bar, have late night munchies with sweet churros dipped in chocolate sauce. A great way to display them is below in a little container so guests can still remain elegant eating them! (If there is such a thing!)
S'mores Bar
 This is perfect if you having an outdoor wedding, toast your marshmallows over an open fire and dip them in your favourite chocolate. It's the perfect late night treat for your wedding guests to enjoy and makes a fun and different element to the evening.
Milk & Cookie Bar
Milk and cookies are a great idea if your getting married in the Autumn/Winter months. It's also something a bit different that your guests will not expect. The flavours are endless, have a baking session before the big day, they will keep fresh displayed in glass jars.Who wouldn't want to dunk a cookie in a warm glass of milk before they head off home!
Let them pop an extra cookie in paper bags to take home too!
Grazing Bar
This could consist of an array of different things, special cheeses, pate, cured meats, chutneys and bread. Guests love a nibble plate, another great food bar where your guests could go up to before the wedding breakfast to keep hunger at bay, or in the evening for a late night bite. Display on slates or wooden boards with grapes to make them inviting to go up to.
Popcorn Stations
Popcorn stations are one of the cheapest to set up, all your need is a few different flavours and a container to pop it in for your guests to eat from. If you want to be adventurous you could make up your own flavours to try. All you need is some baskets or buckets and you have a fun display. It is such a good choice as guests can eat this before or after the wedding breakfast and it won't fill them up!
If you are giving each guest their very own bag of popcorn to take home here are some favour tags you might find useful to jazz up your bags >>>
Candy Floss Bar
This is a great idea that you can prep in a advance for, and have them all bagged up ready for your guests to grab when they like, and create a fun display like below. Or go the extra mile and hire an expert and have them make it in front of your guests for a show stopper. This seaside treat will take them back for sure!
Olive Bar
Another fantastic grazing platter. Create a sophisticated display with olives and different infused oils to dip bread into.
Fruit Bar
Why not have a fruit bar! This would be original, as there are so many other 'naughty but nice' foods to choose from, but stick with me!! Just imagine your wedding day is really hot and your getting married outside. How refreshing would it be to bite into some fruit, it's easy to eat without getting messy, think pineapple, grapes and strawberries, you could also make fun fruit kebabs that the kids will absolutely love.
Sweetie Bar
Kids and grown ups love a sweetie bar, take your self back with nostalgic childhood favourites that will create a talking point among guests. Penny sweets, chocolate buttons, fudge and liquorice all make for a great selection.
Display in a fun old-fashioned sweetie cart, put some handy sweet shop bags in there for guest to fill with their favourites, like they used too! I have the perfect favour tags in my shop to tie around sweeties, you can find them here >>>
Ice-cream Bar
My personal favourite!
Perfect for an outdoor wedding, this one you may need some help with, it is very popular to have an ice-cream bike come to your venue and serve the wedding guests with what they would like. A perfect treat after dinner, ideal for summer weddings.
Seafood Bar
A little more extravagant, but what an amazing idea! Treat your guests to these when their sipping their champagne. Oysters, prawns and clams can all be displayed on a bed of ice and are the perfect size for finger food. A nice light starter to any wedding breakfast.
Sushi Bar
Another fantastic idea that your guests may have not come across before. As long it is kept cool then your guests can enjoy an array of different choices and maybe something they have never tried before. This fits an outdoor wedding theme very well, or perfect for a beach setting.
So there you have it, a big selection of ideas, what's your favourite? Mine is the ice-cream, as we had a local ice-cream bike at our own wedding reception as it finished off the barbecue we had really nicely and it went down a storm with the guests, even some when up for a second helping!!
To let your guests know what treats they are in for as they arrive at your wedding reception, head to the shop to take at look at a wide selection of menus to showcase what you will be tucking into. 

You can find all menu designs here >>>

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