Alternative Wedding Ideas

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on November 13 2020

Chances are, if you're fed up of going to weddings that look and feel the same all the time, then you want your wedding day to be totally different to those who have gone before you. Some like to call them 'cookie cutter' weddings because they are pretty predictable. There is nothing wrong with following the book, but most couples only do this because they, 1. Start planning their wedding based on others they have been to. 2. They forget to think outside the box. 3. They are not confident they can pull something different off. 4.They don't have any other ideas. 5. Afraid of upsetting family members as they are expecting the usual traditions.
It might be one of these or raise your hand if it's all the above!
You are two unique people who have your own personalities and style, and your own values, so your wedding should reflect this, making it totally unique and different to anyone else's. Below are some great ideas for alternatives to get you started.
Alternative Wedding Outfit

You don't have to wear a white bridal gown or a matching suit if its just not you. Why not wear something that suits your personality more. Be brave and stand out from the crowd, give your guests a reason to turn their heads. Why not wear a sequin dress, a two piece with a coloured skirt or an ombre dress looks really effective.


Alternative Confetti Toss

Make your entrance into married life a memorable one by creating a unique moment. Instead of having the usual confetti toss why not give it a personal touch with some character. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest from waving ribbons, to shaking tamberines.


Alternative Decorations

If you don't want to have flowers to decorate your venue, then there are some great alternatives to make your decor really pop and get your guests talking.Think of other things you could use, such as fruit, plants and herbs and my personal favourite, paper decorations!


Alternative Bouquet

If carrying a bouquet of flowers just isn't your thing, think outside the box. There are loads of things to hold as an alternative that could suit your personality! From tambourines to hoops to paper bouquets.

 Alternative Food

This is one fantastic way to add more of your personality, what is it you love to eat? Chances are your guests will love it too, and the food is one of main things they will talk about afterwards. Hire a food truck, or let guests help themselves to your favourite treats and I can gaurantee they will go wild for it.


Alternative Cake

If you don't fancy a traditional 4 tiered wedding cake why not choose something a little more quirky. What about a selection of fruit pies, a giant biscuit cake made from cookies or a tower of pancakes!!


 I hope this has got you thinking and your ready to start injecting your personality into your day. For more tips join the mailing list below where you will receive a free guide to help you create a wedding that suits you as a couple.


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