4 Ways to Style Wedding Napkins

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 09 2022

You want your wedding place settings to look amazeballs don't you? Like you have put some effort into thinking it through? I totally get you. One way of adding a lot more style to your guests place is to 'up the anti ' with your wedding napkins. 

There are so many options out there to chose from, different colours, sizes and  textures. So today I wanted to share a four different ways you can style them, so that it inspires you to take your styling up a notch. This is after all, how you are going to achieve that key ingredient we call the wow factor.


You can see how these four different looks came to life in this fun video on my You Tube Channel by using the link below.

Style One - Triple Pocket Fold 

This is a neat pocket fold, which gives you three places to put your table details. Perfect for keeping your cutlery together, slotting a menu or flower inside. Straw flags work particularly well here as they will poke out the top, ideal for an alternative place card idea. You can really get creative with this one.

Personalised Straw Flags

 Style Two - Single Pocket Fold

A simpler pocket fold which looks lovely with a menu slotted inside the pocket with a place card over the top as pictured. Or you could put your cutlery inside the pocket if you do not have individual menus for your guests.

Copper Menus

Copper Name Cards

 Style Three - A Simple Knot

Tying a simple knot in the napkin is perfect for a more casual look to your tables. You can put on the plate with a single menu or place card. Or off the plate if you have a lot on there already.

Menu and Name Tag >>>

Style Four - Loose Tie

This style works particularly well for an elegant table. Light, floaty napkins work best, to easily gather the napkin and tie with ribbon. This is an great way to make plain white charger plates look more interesting. Adding name tags and florals will make them look extra special for your guests.

Gold Name Tags >>>

I hope these ideas have got you thinking about your place settings a little more. And how you can make them really pop!


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