4 Ways to Style Name Tags

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on January 27 2022

Have you decided how your guest names are going to be laid out on your tables at your wedding reception? It always seems like it's one of those tasks that couples leave until nearer the time, due to anxiously waiting around for those rsvps to come back from un-decided guests. So, I don't want you to forget about how to style them.
Today I wanted to show how versatile the name tags are from the Rustic Charm Collection. They can be used in many different ways to achieve multiple looks which makes them a smart choice.
The other great thing about each of the ideas I have for you, is that if your wedding reception is set outside, these name tags will not blow away if a gust of wind decides to descend on your tables, which is always an overlooked possibilty. Blimey, can you imagine your guests names ending up on the floor or in someone else's spot. If this is the kind of scenerio you have nightmare's about, you will love these ideas, I promise!

1. Tie them to a Wedding Favour

Surprise your guests with a small gift that they can open when they sit down at your evening reception. Small kraft boxes work particularly well with these name tags, and they are very affordable from shops such as The Range or Hobbycraft. You can put anything such as sweets, chocolates or mini macaroons to delight your guests.


wedding name tag for favours

2. Attach to the Wedding Menu

Attaching the name tag to the menu adds a nice personalised touch and looks a bit different. Each of your guests may have a different menu choice, therefore adding their name this way ensures they have the correct one for them.
wedding name tags with menu

3. Add to a Flower

A simple way to style these name tags is to add to the stem of a single flower. Here I have used lavender, as not only does it look pretty, it will greet your guests with a gorgeous smell. This is a great choice if you are looking for a minimal look to your place settings.


=name tags with flower

4. Tie around a napkin

If you are adding cloth napkins to your guests place setting, then tying the name tags around them will look really effective. You could add a single stem in a contrasting colour like below for an extra pop.

name tags around napkin

Bonus Tips

I have 3 Key Bonus tips for you when choosing your name tags


Make sure they are clearly visible for your guests to spot. Remember to show them off!


Make sure they are easy to read.  Choose fonts where the letters are clear what they are.


Make sure they stay where they are placed. Attaching them to something will make sure they don't blow away if your reception is outside or in a marquee.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for styling your wedding. If you love the idea of using these name tags you can find them here 



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