3 Ways to Style a Table Plan on a Ladder

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on June 08 2023

Your table plan area is somewhere you can really add some creativity. It's going to be one of the first things your guests will clock once they enter your reception. There are loads of things you could do, but today I wanted to show how versatile a wooden step ladder can be. This is popular prop I hire out to couples, because it has so much potential, as you can decorate it in so many ways to fit in with your own wedding style.

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Green Bottles

Here I have used my vintage green bottles with some wild flowers to make a gorgeous display. You can choose whatever is in season at the time. I have attached luggage style table plan tags with white twine around the neck of each bottle so the guests can easily find their seat. I have styled up one side of the ladder with some wooden crates and more decor to compliment, so that it makes it a fun, welcoming area.

Instead of using wild flowers in your bottles, why not use some greenery? Here I have used tropical large leaves such as ferns to provide a completely different look. It is simple but very effective.  I have also paired with black and white luggage style table plan tags to really pop off of all the green.

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Terracotta Pots

Aged terracotta plant pots also work particularly well with a rustic ladder. Perfect for a country cottage style wedding. I have used herbs such as thyme and mint and succulents to create this look. I have used these beige bottles to tie around my table plan tags. I have also adding some ivy, trailing down one side which looks very effective. I have again paired it with wooden crates and old vintage bottles.

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Silver Buckets

If you are wanting a modern, stylish vibe, then silver buckets look really cool with plants in them. The perfect pairing for lots of greenery. I have used spider plants, ferns and palms to decorate the ladder. But there are many others you could use to help bring it life. I hire out plants alongside my styling services, if you want to take a look, you can view the catalogue here. I have also added some disco balls to add a fun element to all the greenery.

Table Plan >>

I think you will agree that there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling this ladder. It can even be used to serve drinks on, display favours for your guests to take home or as a blanket holder. If you would like to enquiry about hiring it or any other decor you have seen, you can get in touch here >>

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