3 Fun Ways to Style your Wedding Cutlery

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 27 2022

I'm glad you're intrigued as to how you can style your cutlery for your wedding reception. It's not normally made a fuss of as it's kind of an essential part of the tables, isn't it? So I'm glad that your open minded to the idea that you can have them styled a little different to everyone else, other than the way we all presume they have to be laid out on the tables. 

Inside Napkins

One of my personal favourites, is to tuck your cutlery inside the pockets of a folded napkin. Just place each individual item into it's own pocket. You can create one large pocket and place them in a row, or create a tri-fold pocket you can watch this helpful video here >>> on how to fold it.

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Tie them Together

Another fun way to style your cutlery is to tie them together. This is be done using a piece of ribbon or twine to match your wedding colours. Simply tie a neat knot or bow to hold them securely. This is also a great place to add a favour tag or a name tag to greet the guests. This makes for a great alternative to the 'norm.'



Add to your Glassware

 For a less formal look, why not add your cutlery inside a glass. This would be great if you are having a buffet style reception. I have used a milk bottle to add my cutlery in, but any tall glass would work really well, just as long as it it doesn't topple over. You can add the guests napkin and a name tag too, which gives a completely different vibe. It's fun, different and more suitable for a relaxed vibe such as a festival wedding. I particularly think my straw flags personalised with the guests names are a super fun additional as there are the perfect height.

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I encourage you to experiment, you never know what you could come up with. Just remember to factor in, if the style of how you want them will suit your overall vibe. Alternatively, if you would like a bit more help deciding you can head to my styling services page for more info, which you can find here >>>



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