10 Ways to use a wedding details card

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on April 22 2021

When choosing your wedding invitations you may have a lot of information you need to tell your guests, but you run the risk of over crowding your beautiful invite with too much text. This is where a details card comes in, to solve this problem for you, here are 10 things you can use a details card for.
Reception Information
If your wedding reception is at a different location to the actual wedding then the address for both venues could be too much text to add to the invite. A details card is perfect to add full adresse's.
It is thoughtful to include places for your guests to stay for the night of the wedding. You will need to include names, address's with postcodes, and phone numbers. If the venue you are getting married at has rooms for guests, they may supply a discount code which you would also want to include on the details card.
For guests that don't live in the local area, you may want to supply a well detailed description of how to find the venue or even a map to follow, depending on what means they are traveling by. Also remember to include a postcode for sat nav users.
Travel Details
Depending on how you guests will be travelling, it maybe extremely helpful to include train, bus and taxi details.
Timings are particular handy if your wedding is over a weekend, or if you are getting married abroad. This makes sure the guests know what is happening, and when they need to be somewhere so they don't miss out on anything important.
You will also have space to include a poem or a paragraph about guests buying you a gift for your wedding. Or you may have a gift registry that you would like to direct them to. 
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Wedding Website
For couples who have a wedding website, a details card is the perfect place to add this to. You can inform them what information will be on there for them to see and what you would like them to do once they land on it.
Dress Code
Depending on your wedding style, you may have a dress code that you would like your guests to know about. This is the perfect time to inform them of this. It helps them plan their outfit ahead of time and gives them a clue what to expect.
Dietary Requirements
This is great time to ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements so you can inform the caterer.
You will want to add the date that you want your guests to reply by. And where to send it back to, whether that is your home address, an email or a phone number.
Personally I think the more information you give your guests, the happier the both of you will be. If you take all the guess work out for them, I bet they will book their accommodation faster, reply quicker, and be on time for the actual wedding! It's a win, win!!
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