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One of the burning questions you ask yourself when beginning to plan your wedding day is 'do I need wedding insurance?'
Here are some things to consider that may help you decide.
What is wedding insurance?
Wedding insurance will cover you from losses that may happen due to certain factors such as :
-extreme weather conditions.
-damage or injury at a wedding
- problems with suppliers or the venue.
Should I get wedding insurance?
A lot of time, effort and money is going into your wedding. There is a lot to be said for 'peace of mind' if something were to go wrong. If something were to happen you have a policy in place that will back you up and you will be covered. The cost of insurance is minimal compared to the cost of all the wedding elements.
 When should I get insurance?
As soon as you have decided on your venue, it is a good time to think about insurance. Remember to ask your venue about what insurance types they have, you may need additional ones, for example serving alcohol. 
What is not covered with insurance?
You will not be covered if you back out of your wedding and get cold feet. The insurance only covers you if it is out of your control and the event is at risk.
Reasons you might need wedding insurance
Bad weather
This mostly covers servere weather conditions such a deep snow, where your guests may not be able to attend the wedding.
Damage to bridal attire
If your wedding attire is in a house fire, gets stained or ripped and is unrepairable.
Loss of wedding photography  
If your photographer does not turn up on the day or they lose all your images they took. Most professionals will have back up equipment, but it is always a good idea to check with them first.

Bankruptcy or liquidation of suppliers

If your dress supplier, caters or venue were to experience these problems, an insurance policy will compensate for any despots or payment in full that may have been lost.

Death or injury of family member

In the unlikely event of this happening before the wedding day you maybe able to make a claim to reschedule the wedding.

Damage to a marquee.

If a marquee is damaged before the wedding day, then replacement can be sorted at no extra cost if you have wedding insurance.


This is a brief overview of all the considerations to make regarding wedding insurance. Please note all policies are different and cover different things


Think about what could go wrong depending on your event, and remember to address these concerns to your insurance provider so that you know you are covered for the correct things.


It's not something to dwell on it's just being sensible and prepared. The sooner you make the decision the quicker you can move on to the fun stuff!



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