Why to choose Foil for your Wedding Stationery?

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So you may be wondering why I chose foils to work with for my wedding stationery, and why I would highly recommend choosing it for your special day.
Well I remember when I received my first ever wedding invitation , I remember peeling back the envelope revealing a gorgeous shiny card, and my reaction was 'Wow look at that, this is stunning' Then I remember thinking, I need to know how this is done so I can achieve it! I was transfixed with it. I had been crafting for a few years before then and hadn't really come across anything so beautiful. 
This is where my love of foil began...
I wanted to create stationery that has the wow factor when your guests open their invites, just like me when I received my first one! 
Foil looks so finished and professional, I love that I can create very expensive looking stationery but be very affordable for the happy couple.
Even the simplest of designs will look so luxurious. Sometimes very little text in your favourite colour can make a big impact, less is more as they say!
The Colours!
I love that you can create many different looks with the wide variety of colours available. From the very popular metallics to the warm reds and playful pinks to the cool tones of the blues and greens, making it easy to match your colour theme. With a growing list of colours, I have 20 basic foil colours just for starters, and adding new exciting special addition colours to the mix as we go.
As well as the traditional golds, silver and rose gold foils that will never fade away in the wedding industry, its fun to use the more vibrant, playful colours, which couples are beginning to be more brave with and incorporate them in their day.
We are seeing more couples using copper, which can be used to add glamour if paired with complimenting colours, it also looks wonderful for more rustic, urban and outdoor wedding themes.
(left to right: Gold/Champagne Gold/Rose Gold/Matt Silver/Silver/Copper)
Pantone's 'Colour of the Year' is Purple, and which if paired with gold and cream , would just look divine.
(left to right:Purple/Lilac)
The Pink foils can be bold or soft, hot pink for a mid summer wedding can look amazing and the light pink foil can add a soft, feminine, dreamy feel.
(left to right: Light Pink/Hot Pink)
Royal Blue is for making a statement, a more formal and classic choice.
Light Blue is for a more delicate touch. Perfect for a beach theme.
(left to right: Light Blue/Royal Blue)
Red and Burgandy are perfect for autumn and winter time, the perfect colour  for a traditional christmas wedding too!
(left to right: Red/Burgandy)
Then we have Mint foil, an understated colour, which if paired with bright colours such as coral can look really wonderful.
(left to right: Emerald Green/Mint/Teal)
Teal foil is a very playful colour along side the likes of purple, hot pink and red. If you are after bright and cheerful these colours are for you!
Emerald Green is also a classic winter colour paired with either of the Reds. Also great paired with gold to make them both really pop of the page.
Gunmetal Grey foil is a great alternative to silver if you need a bit more impact. I love rose gold and gunmetal grey together, striking match! 
Classic black foil can look just right for certain elements of your stationery. If you have chosen very colourful decor ,it may be wise to use black to keep it simple.
And white foil on black card can look fantastic for a rustic themed wedding, giving 
that chalkboard look that couples love to achieve.
So you see, there is something for everyone, lots of choice to make your day stand out from the rest.
I have also introduced the amazing Rainbow Foil, Glitter Rainbow Foil and Peacock Feather Foil which look stunning.And not forgetting glitter foils available in Red, Gold and Silver.
If you love warm and bright and want to make an impact, these colours would be amazing for your day to inject some fun.
Just added to the collection, is the stunning 'Holographic Foil' which I think is going to be a growing trend in weddings for the upcoming year ahead. So watch out for that one in 2019.
Why should you pick foil?
When you are using foil on light or dark coloured papers the colours will turn out exactly how they are meant to look. Unlike ink printing which can turn out differently than they appear on the computer or if you use different coloured papers. I currently offer all designs on white or black card.
Foil will also not fade like some inks can.
Foiling is a classic, timeless and glamorous art when thinking of choosing your wedding stationery, you cannot go wrong and will not be disappointed with the results.
If have any questions regarding a colour foil you would like and you may like a sample please get in touch.


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