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A corsage is technically for the females on your wedding day. It is a great alternative in some cases and makes a pretty statement piece. Whether you are ordering them from your florist or making them yourself, I have put together a list to help you work out who you would like to make sure has one on the wedding day, so they feel extra special.
The bride can most definitely wear a corsage on her wrist. If you do not wear a lot of jewellery, bracelets or rings you may feel like your arms are bear, if your dress doesn't have long sleeves. So it is a nice way to add something extra special. Make sure it compliments your dress. And if creating one yourself it is a good idea to use the same material, beads and diamontes to tie in nicely. 
Mothers, Step Mothers, Grandmothers
It is tradition to ask the mothers and step mothers of the bride and groom if they would like to wear a corsage. Ask there preference if they would like it for their wrist or pinned on their outfit as some will not want to spoil there outfit with pinning anything into it, and some may find it on their wrist uncomfortable. Remember it wants to match the outfit they will be wearing so be sure to pick a colour scheme that will work for that, or work for all. It is a special moment to give them there corsage so be sure the photographer takes a photo of them receiving it form you.
Bridesmaids/Maid of Honour
It is tradition for the bridesmaids to carry a bouquet. But if you prefer they could wear a floral corsage instead. This looks particular nice if they are wearing floral crowns too as it adds a different look. Not all brides want there wedding party to carry bouquets so this would make a lovely alternative.
If you have female ushers you may want to give these corsages to wear. When the wedding guests arrive to be seated for the ceremony the guests will know who to ask any questions to.
Other Family Members/VIP
You may have other members of your family who you would like to wear one who is extra special to you, but they are not part of the wedding party. It is nice to acknowledge them. You may also be having someone reciting a reading that you may like to wear one.




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