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This question is likely to come up when you are ordering your flowers, then suddenly you will have to decide who you would like to wear a boutonniere on the wedding day. In the case that you do not have a florist to check with because your making them yourself I have put together a list of the most likely to wear one.
And in case your wondering, a boutonniere is traditional worn on the left side.
The Groom
The groom or grooms are definately at the top of the list. Their boutonniere can be more elaborate then the others so it can stand out and be more special. It is nice to add some personality with a unique touch like their interests to be incorporated in the design.
They have important roles to play on the wedding day, so not only will a boutonniere look great, it is a nice way to acknowledge and thank them. They should compliment the colour theme and go with their attire.
Fathers, Stepfathers & Grandfathers
Fathers of the bride and groom and make sure to include stepfathers too should wear a boutonniere, it is a special moment so be sure to attach it on their lepel for them, and make sure the photographer captures the moment.
Ring Bearer
They are performing an important duty for you both so make sure they also receive a boutonniere. You may want to match the style as the others but scale the size down if having a younger member carry the rings.
They too have an important role to play, they will greet your wedding guests as they enter the ceremony, so it will help indicate to them who they are. 
Immediate Family & VIPs
Anyone can wear a boutonniere who you think deserves a bit more love. Such as any one reciting a reading or possibly the officiant.
I hope this has helped cleared up any questions.
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