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Rea Shaw

I have always had a creative background but my love of crafting was really explored when our wedding day was approaching, I was in my element! I pushed myself to a creative level I didn't know I had and really surprised myself with some of my creations. I searched the internet for inspiration and then made things my own with my own twist! I really felt that making them personal touches was going to make the day even more special.

First things first...
My first task was to make my wedding invitations, we were going for a rustic style as our wedding was set in beautiful gardens, so I came up with these, I used kraft card for the base of the card and the design was a elegant tree with our initials on the trunk surrounded by an elegant frame in white to make it pop. You really can put a rustic and elegant style together!
My second task was to make my flower arrangements for the tables so I made these flower bouquets with jars. I made each rose by hand from book paper and scrapbook paper with pearls for the centres. I attached hessian and lace round the jar with a hessian ribbon rose which I made from scratch. They turned out great and they went so lovely with our rustic theme.I told the guests they could take them home at the end of the night as they commented so much how much they liked them.
My biggest craft challenge ....
My wedding bouquets were the ultimate task for me, I had no idea where to start as I had never made one before or done any flower arranging myself, so I searched the internet for ideas every chance I had, on how to put one together and so many lovely crafter's share their projects , so again I took their advice on board and then found my own way with practice, practice, practice! It took a few attempts to get it right, but once I had it figured out, they were addictive to make.
I gathered my supplies which was a few materials, some of the flowers were made from silk and some from canvas fabric and with hessian ribbon I made roses. I made flowers from book pages to include my love of paper. I incorporated sparkly gems and buttons for centres of the flowers. I used a white netting underneath to cover any wire stems and wrapped all the stems in hessian including my nans brooch pinned to the stem for that extra personal touch. The bridesmaids bouquets were made from white silk material with stunning pearls to give them a bit of sparkle, I wrapped the wire stems in hessian and lace. I was thrilled with the final result and myself and the bridesmaids have them to treasure forever.

 Making a favour...
Wedding favours are always a tough decision, there are so many options from sweets to chocolates to novelty gifts. I was after something our guests would use but was small enough to fit in a small parcel for them to take home. I had always wanted to have a go at making soap, so this was the perfect excuse!! I started by deciding on the scent, the ladies would have lavender (purple was the theme) and the gents would have lemon and lime ( yellow for the sunshine, hopefully!)
I gathered my supplies which were melt and pour soap base, lavender fragrance oil, lemon & lime fragrance oil, yellow/red/blue liquid colouring and almond oil and a mould to set the soap in. It was a lot of fun and the house had a lovely smell for days!

I made my own favour parcels with kraft paper, doillies, baker's twine and a cute little tag to finish them off. They looked great on the tables for the guests when they arrived and it was fun to see them opening the cute little parcels!

The details...

I made my own wedding hair piece to match the beads on my wedding dress, using little white pearls and tiny clear seed beads. I made a wrist corsage for myself  to match the style of the dress. I didn't wear a necklace as my dress had a round neck line so I opted for a wrist piece instead. I created these buttonholes for the groom and bridal party. I kept with the hessian theme by using it to create a leaf shape, I made paper roses which were coloured purple and cream and white tiny pearls poking out the top.

More Wedding Projects...

I didn't do all the crafting by myself I got my husband involved as well, He likes making things and tinkering so I had the perfect projects in mind for him. I got him to make some dress hangers for myself and the bridesmaids, I wanted a nice hanger to put them on and they made a lovely gift for them afterwards! He should go into production with those! He made the wedding signs out of wood which he hand painted. He also made these table numbers from wood which I painted and distressed! He made 2 wooden frames stood on easels for them to sit on which he made as well! for the table plan and family photos and a blackboard sign for the barbeque! He made some steel poles for our festoon walkway which looked beautiful. He also made us our very own disco unit as we played our own music. Wow, I asked and he sure did deliver! I'm a very lucky lady!
I set my mother-in-law on the sewing tasks which was streams of bunting, table runners, napkins, and cushions. She did a fabulous job, they looked wonderful.
The little details...
From the big details to the small, I didn't want to leave any thing out, so I even had time to make these confetti cones with  biodegradable confetti cut into flower shapes for the guests to throw when we came out of church  I put them in a wicker basket near the door which looked cute.
The paper hearts were made from old book pages, they looked great on the backs of the chairs. Some of the guests took them home as a keepsake.
Final note...

The day before the wedding the four of us dressed the teepees in the baking hot heat , we dressed the tables and chairs in all the handmade goodies, hung up the bunting, fluffed up the poms poms and got everything in place for the big day! We were so lucky with a gorgeous sunny day, we really felt all that hard work on the run up had been worth it. On the day we couldn't of been happier and was so glad to see everyone enjoy what we had put together! I'll never forget feeling so happy and excited, not nervous at all. I think that's because  we were in total control of our day and felt very proud of what we had achieved together.
Photo's by Magic Moments Weddings by Charlotte Maddison



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