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You have selected your wedding party, now it is time to let them know what their duties are so they can fulfil them and not disappoint you. Most friends and loved ones will go above and beyond to help you with your wedding and take the role very seriously. They will be delighted to have been asked to step up! There are also others that may just think turning up is all that is being asked of them, so when choosing your team think about why you want them to play an important part. Don't just include them because they will make up the numbers, or you feel guilty. Choose them wisely!
Duties of the Maid of Honour/Man of Honour/ Chief Bridesmaid/ Chief Bridesman/ Matron of Honour
- Take charge of the hen party/bridal shower.
-Assist the bride with any wedding planning tasks.
-To help the bride get dressed on the wedding morning and keep her calm.
- Make sure she has not forgotten anything.
-Organise the other bridesmaids so they know when and where they need to be, for arriving for hair and make up etc.
- Stay with the bride the night before the wedding.
- Be a witness for the couple when they sign their marriage license.
- Pose for photographs
-Hold the brides bouquet when needed.
-Look after the brides bag if she has one.
 - Make sure the bride is always looking her best.
-Tidy the bridal suite once finished.
-Help tidy venue afterwards.
Duties of the Bridesmaid's
- Help plan and pay for a hen party/bridal shower for the bride to be.
-Pay for her own dress and shoes for the wedding.
-Help the bride with any wedding prep she may need doing.
- Help the younger wedding party get ready the morning of the wedding.
- Pose for photographs
- Keep the dance floor alive with plenty of dancing.
Duties of the Flower Girl's
- Look adorable walking down the aisle throwing petals, or holding a sign. Usually going first before the brides entrance.
- Pose for photographs
Duties of the Best Man/Best Woman
- Make sure the attire is organised for the big day.
- Plan the hen/stag do.
- Look after the wedding rings.
- Give a speech at the reception.
-Lead the groomsman/groomswoman.
- Make sure the wedding party and guests has their boutonnieres.
- Help with any wedding planning.
- Be a witness for the couple when they sign their marriage license.
- Pose for photographs
- Hand out gifts to guests the couple would like to thank at the reception.
Duties of the Page Boy's
- Hold the train for the bride to be. 
- Carry the rings to the alter.
- Pose for photographs
- Hold the flower girls hand to walk down the aisle together.
Duties of the Groomsman/ Groomswoman
- Help the groom stay organised.
- Helps with any wedding planning details
- Sort out wedding attire.
- Planning the stag party
- Make sure all the vendors are happy.
- Decorate the bridal car for exit.
- Help guests park their vehicles.
- Help guests cross busy roads.
- Pose for photographs
Duties of the Usher's
- Greet the wedding guests when they arrive and make sure they find their seats ok. - Hand out order of service programs and hymn books.
- Make sure everyone has their confetti to throw.
- Pose for photographs
Duties of a Ring bearer
- Take care of and carry the rings down the aisle on a pillow.
- Pose for photographs
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