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Rea Shaw wedding trends 2020

I always love the start of a new year, it gives us all a chance to take a fresh look at things in the wedding world. If you are getting married this year and still have lots of planning to do and decisions to make, then this post is all about seeing what's going to be hot in twenty twenty. I have done the hard work for you and got up to date with what's trending and what is old hat. I have taken a good look at Pinterest's trend report for this year (the mother-ship of all wedding inspiration in my opinion) so let's dive in and get excited about what's to come!
Colour of the Year!
A great place to start is the 'Colour of the Year'. Pantone have decided this year's favourite is 'Classic Blue'. Timeless, Elegant and Simple.
Lucky for us in the wedding world, this colour is a popular choice for couples. It is a classic colour that feels relaxed and comfortable and is very flattering. It is also a solid foundation to pair with other colours.
We will delve in more with 'Classic Blue' in another blog post to see how you can use this colour in your wedding.
Sustainable Weddings
Sustainability has most certainly been the hot topic in our New's in 2019 and it is going to grow stronger for this year for sure. More couples are cleverly coming up with ways to be more environmentally friendly. Which includes using less single use plastics for their wedding day, and making sure your suppliers are using local materials to reduce the carbon footprint. Also a clever idea is thinking ahead of how you can re-use, gift, or adapt your wedding items that you may need to purchase so they have a purpose after the big day.
I love examples such as; maybe you needed to purchase table linens to create the most stunning table decor, what if you chose a fabric you could use in your home afterwards for curtains or cushions.
Instead of using fresh cut flowers to decorate your venue, why not decorate with plants and trees that can be planted after the wedding, or gift to the mother of the bride and groom instead of a bouquet of flowers.
Wedding Favours
This also includes favours, it is becoming increasing popular to make sure the item you are gifting has another life after the day. We do not want to be throwing things in a draw that will never see the light of day again, thank you!
Fresh fruit, packet of seeds, festive baubles so your guests can hang them on the christmas tree, are all great ideas. Think outside the box and get creative.
Thoughtful ideas such as planting a tree in your guests name or donations to a charity close to your heart is growing in popularity for those who feel strongly at giving back.
We have seen a lot more wedding dresses on the catwalk that show beautiful embroidery on them, attention to detail is definitely on trend. This year we see brides wanting to add their own personalised touches with embroidered initials on the dress or a statement phrase meaningful to the couple. This may even be added to the wedding veil. What a beautiful way to personalise your love story. It can be on show for all to see, or hidden away just for you two.
Celebrities are setting the trend for a change of outfit for the evening part of the big day. This is making brides want to follow suit to help show more of their personality and style. Brides are also experimenting with separates, which feel more comfortable if your not sold on wearing a dress all day. There is much more choice as we enter this new phase, which is great news!
Table Decor
Long banquet tables are still very much on trend, and I do not think they will be going away very soon. They are much more interactive for your guests and give a more relaxed vibe. They suit a lot of venues, especially outdoors with a beautiful setting. Long tables give you lots of scope on decoration too, using overhead decor such as foliage to make statement pieces, or hanging lightbulbs or bunting above can give a fun, party vibe.
Attention to detail with your crockery and cutlery is also huge this year. Almost as important as the food I would say! More and more suppliers are offering vintage china and interesting glassware to hire to make your table scape come to life. Vivid colours and interesting shapes are key to creating a table to feast your eyes on. Layered plates, metallic cutlery, coloured glassware and carefully thought out lighting to create your mood. A table is not just for eating at anymore, your helping to create a mood.
Statement Decor
Couples are leaving more room on the tables so the guests can interact better with each other, therefore creating statement pieces that hang from the ceiling instead, floral arches to walk through to find their seat, or fill an empty wall that will help transform the venue.
Neon Signs
Neon signs have been popping up everywhere in weddings in 2019, available in all different colours, fonts, shapes and sizes, you are spoiled for choice. This is the hottest must have piece for your wedding decor if you're getting married this year. It adds a fun element to your decorations whether it is used to fill in a blank space or cleverly used as a photo backdrop. Personalise with your names or your favourite quote to add your unique personality. 
Dried flowers, pampas grass, ferns and tree branches bring a natural flow to the day. All of these enable you to create wonderful statement elements to decorate your venue that will be sure to add the wow factor. A great alternative if flowers aren't your thing.
Although succulents have been a very popular choice for wedding bouquets, I hear that roses are making a comeback, this beautiful flower is a classic choice. A bouquet made with one colour rose will be perfect for the timeless bride, oozing romance and elegance.
Wake Up the Senses
Creating an experience for your guests, as they glide through your day has never been so important. With online shopping becoming the norm in our every day life, it is easy to forget to use your senses. There is nothing I enjoy more than going into a fabric shop and touching the material, setting out to buy some candles, and choosing the perfect smell, and being reminded of a place, person or memory. You get the idea!
Create beautiful smells, with carefully selected flowers and foliage. Make your guests want to touch the table linen with velvet table runners. Make sure they notice every detail by making them walk passed statement decorations as they take their seat. Think about how your guests are going to interact in those moments of stillness, ask yourself what is it I want them to notice?
It's all about texture! The invitation sets the tone of your day and there are lots of ways to make an impact with them. Materials such as vellum, acrylic, wax seals, metallic foils, tassels and wood are all favourites for moving forward with your stationery items this year bringing them bang up to date.
Image via Pinterest
Introduce something different to your guests this year with a vegetarian or vegan menu. Entice your guests with different dishes that are colourful, creative and delicious. It is fun at a wedding to give your guests the opportunity to try something new to tickle their taste buds.
Drinks Stations
Couples who are looking for the more relaxed vibe are opting for a self serve drinks bar. Think beer taps and cocktail bars, creative ideas like buckets, bathtubs and even wheelbarrows full of drinks for your guests to help themselves are also an enjoyable alternative.
Wedding Exits
Confetti will always be there for weddings in some shape or form, but couples have increasingly become very creative with their wedding exits. From ribbon wands, to blowing bubbles. All looking effective in wedding photos. I can't wait to see what idea will be next.
Mixed Gender Wedding Party
It's 2020, times have really changed. And the wedding party has really adapted to whatever you want it to be. There are no rules here. Instead of all female for the bridesmaids and all male for the groomsmen, we are now seeing couples mix it up. The way in which couples can take their vows now has really shaken things up, what with less religious weddings being chosen and more humanist weddings happening.
We will see more 'best woman' and 'man of honour' and there will be less 'bridal party' talk as in lots of cases there isn't a bride, so why would we call it that anymore.

 The Groom

Long gone are the days when the groom only had his suit and speech to worry about. In this modern time we live in, the groom is equally involved with the decision making as the bride. We are now seeing the groom taking more time and care in deciding what he wants to wear on the big day to show off his personality too. More grooms and their groomsmen are spending a day together to find their attire, and are also asking for their own dedicated space to all get ready on the wedding day. 



So there you have it, some of the big trends that we will continue to see throughout 2020. I hope it has helped to inspire you and give you confidence in creating a day that suits your personalities, your style, your beliefs and your values as we move into this next decade.

Final thought..

Personally I am loving all the changes, gone are the days of every wedding looking and feeling the same. No wedding should be the same as another. After these last few years we have really seen a massive shift in the way we plan and bring our wedding day to life. Helping happy couples achieve their dream day in their own unique way is something to celebrate. 


I would love to hear your thoughts on the trends, so do leave your comments below.

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