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Wedding signage you may need

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on March 23 2022

While many think that adding signs to your decor is not necessary, I would completely disagree. Wedding signage actually plays a huge role in your wedding. While it can be used to complete a beautiful display, it can add character to your day, a chance to add personal touches, and give your guests needed direction, enabling your day to run smoothly and how you imagine it to go. 
I have some great ideas in this blog post, that may just get you thinking about may you may need and what you may like to add for your own wedding. So let's dive into it.

Welcome Signs

Welcome signs are a nice way to greet your guests. Whether it is to inform them of what to do before they enter your ceremony as shown below or used as a statement piece to show guests where to enter.

Confetti Sign

A fun sign to include is one for your confetti. Gone are the days when the guests throw confetti when the couple exit the ceremony when they like. Modern photographers like to create the perfect moment, so a little heads up would please the photographer no end!

Seating Chart

Seating charts are one of the favourites among couples to use. Now sorting out where you want everyone to sit is another matter! This is great for greeting the guests into your reception area. They will be eager to park their bum on a seat so make it easy for them to find their place.

Favour Sign

Adding signage to areas which have favours for your guests to interactive with, is a smart idea. Sometimes guests need things pointing out if you want them to use something. Including catching sayings or qoutes will make the sign more friendly too, rather than just saying what the item is. Like the example below, it could just say blankets, but where is the fun it that!!

Personal Signage

Signs also give you chance to add something personal to your day. Take this date night sign below. When your guests know they need to take part in something, let them know exactly what to do, this way they are more likely take part.

Guest Book Sign

There are all types of modern guest book ideas these days for your guests to interact with, so let your guests know exactly what do do when they come to take part. If you are having a photo guests book, then you may need to inform them to 1. Take the photo. 2. Stick it in the book. And 3. Write a message with it. Without some instructions your guests may get confused.

Meaningful Signs

Weddings do bring up lots of feelings, so it's always nice to add a bit of sentiment and acknowledge something that means a lot to you. Signs are a fantastic way to do this, as it maybe hard to announce something delicate out loud. Popular ideas are loving memory signs, lighting candles for loved ones and meaningful charities dear to the couples heart.

Extra Signs

There maybe areas of your venue that you notice that need some extra attention. Maybe there is a table in a hallway that needs something adding, just so it doesn't look so empty when your guests pass through. These little touches do get noticed, this is maybe where you can add some quotes that you love.

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and I hope it has inspired you to think of your own.
If you would like a bespoke sign making with an idea you have , I would love to hear about it.

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Photo credits: Stott Weddings



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