The biggest wedding regrets to avoid

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After all the time and effort a wedding takes to plan the very last thing you will want is to have regrets! So spending the time to consider your options when faced with a big decision and always ask your self the question, 'will I regret this?' Sometimes the answer is not always clear so I have listed a few common things that couples owned up to regretting, even me!
Not investing in a good photographer
Your wedding photos are the only thing left to show how amazing your day was, the pictures will tell the story. So make sure you invest in a great photographer. All the time researching will pay off when you receive your photos. The biggest mistake you could make is relying on a photographer where their work does not reflect what you want the end result to be. 
Also if your budget will allow, have the photographer be there when your getting ready. This is something I nearly didn't have myself (at the time I thought it was unnecessary) but thankfully I realised this will help tell the story. After all your other half doesn't get to see this part, so it will be a nice surprise for them. It's a regret I avoided so I hope the same for you to.
Not having a videographer
Speaking from a personal point of view, as this is my wedding regret. The times we have said since the wedding 'I wish we could see ourselves enjoying the day' Don't get me wrong photo's are fantastic, but a videographer will capture the magic of your day that a photo can't. In this modern time we live in, video wants to be on your list if you have the budget. And if it isn't in your budget then ask family and friends to take some footage on their phones of the day. It doesn't have to be major, little snippets are better than nothing. How about seeing your first kiss as newlyweds, or a friend filming the confetti toss.  A family member filmed part of our first dance and it makes me cry every time I watch it. Because video is so powerful. Maybe ask a few close friends or family to do this, but if it is something you really want then invest in a videographer, as your loved ones are enjoying the day and you want them to be present not looking at their devices all the time. 
Not having personal touches
So often with weddings things get decided based on what you 'think you should have' or what 'you think people want you to have' and this can lead to regrets afterwards if your not mindful of it. Remember "weddings" have moved on a lot since your parents and grandparents day. This modern time we live in has seen alot of changes with where you can can get married, who can get married and the style of your day. A wedding can be as low key or as big as you want. The important thing to remember is that it is a celebration of your love with your nearest and dearest. Make sure your wedding reflects your personalities, your interests, your values, and your style as a couple. Don't get caught up in the "hype" just because something is trendy at the time or you should be having 'the thing' as everyone else does. 
Not doing a speech
If you want to do a speech but you feel too nervous or you think it's not tradition, try not to let this stop you. Remember all your loved one and friends are there for you, they will support you 100%. Practice will help, stand in front of a mirror to start, then perhaps practice to a close family member to give you the confidence you need. It is also becoming more popular for brides to do a speech theirselves, and their maid of honour may like to say a few words about the couple. Long gone are the days where only the groom, best man and father of the bride speak. You can make it what you want. If you don't want any speeches that is fine too!
Not wearing comfy shoes
Remembering a change of shoes is up there with regrets. You have been on your feet most of the day, posing for photo's and chatting to guests. So when it comes the time to relax in the evening and let your hair down, it would be great to change your shoes to be able to dance the night away. You don't want to miss out on all the fun just because your feet hurt!
Taking time for you two
The day can pass you by very quickly and seem like a blur if your not careful. So remember to grab a few moments to yourselves. Take a 10 minute stroll around the grounds of where your reception is. Or find a quiet spot to sit together so you can take it all in. Looking back at your guests enjoying themselves will make a world of difference too.
Not settling on a budget
Imagine the wedding day is over and you realise you have spent far too much. If you do not decide on a budget it is so easy to keep throwing money at the wedding the nearer it gets. The last thing you want is a mountain of debt to pay off. So working out your budget at the start will help you have no regrets when it comes to money.
Finding a balance
There is no getting away from the fact that our wedding day will go quickly. So just be mindful how you spend your time during it. It does help to have a timeline so that you know you will fit everything in that is important. There is no need to apologise as it is your day and you spend it doing what you want, you'll never please everyone, so don't try. To give you an example; we did our own soundtrack for the wedding, so I loved all the songs as we choose them, this resulted in me dancing till my feet hurt, I had a fantastic time! It was only after that I realised I should I spoke to our guests more. (Whoops!) I'm sure they never thought any thing of it, but I realised I could of halfed the time dancing at least. So just be mindful of where you are and what your doing.
Bad decisions with your wedding party 
When choosing your wedding party early on in the planning, don't pick them because you feel guilty or feel you have to. You want to make sure they won't let you down no matter what. Pick friends and family because you know they are reliable and will co-operate.
I hope this will help you avoid any regrets after the wedding.
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