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I'm sure you have heard of the saying 'Something old, something new, something, borrowed, something blue' which is a wedding tradition for the bride to give her good luck on her wedding day.
'Something Old' stands for continuity, 'Something New' stands for optimism for the future, 'Something borrowed' symbolizes borrowed happiness, and 'Something blue' represents purity, love, and fidelity.
There are all kinds of ways to incorporate your 'Something Blue'. I have found some fantastic options for you.
The purpose of a garter is to hold your stockings up. There is no correct leg to wear it on, it is your preference. Many brides wear two, one to toss and one to keep.
If your colour theme is blue and your wearing a plain colour dress you could totally wear blue shoes. Wear with a shorter dress style to show them off.
Have your family write good luck messages in blue pen on the bottom of your shoes.
A fancy corsage may be just the accessory for your arm if you are wearing a sleeveless dress.
Add a slight hint of blue with your earrings. Drop earrings look stunning or choice studs for an understated look.
Why not add a blue ribbon to your bridal bouquet.
A clever idea is to paint your nails blue, again this option may mach your theme depending on the shade. 
If you are a bride that needs your clutch bag on the day, then why not choose blue. There are some lovely options out there to choose from to complete your evening outfit.
Choose a personalised handkerchief to wipe those happy tears away.
Hair Accessories
Add small details to your hair, like hair pins, or a hair comb.
Get your seamstress to add personalised messages inside your dress which makes it extra special.
Add a subtle touch of ribbon to your veil or make a wider, larger ribbon part of your dress design.
Your something blue can be a small detail such as a zip. 
Denim Jacket
If you are more of a modern bride and your theme fits the bill, then why not wear a personalised denim jacket as your something blue.
Whether it is a statement necklace, a bracelets or earrings, you can add a small detail of blue with your jewellery.
If you are giving a gift to the bride to be to wish her good luck for the future with the 'Something old, something new, something, borrowed, something blue' tradition , then why not make it beautiful with presenting them in gift box. We have just the gift tag and card to make it extra special. They can be found in the shop here.
Complete your gift with a card to write your loving message inside.
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