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Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate love, friendship and admiration. Every year on the 14th of February people choose to celebrate this day by sending cards with messages of love and gifts as a token of appreciation to family, friends and loved ones. Anyone and everyone can celebrate this day it is not just for the hopeless romantic's among us.
If you are wanting to create a Valentine's theme who ever you decide to share it with, I have found some amazing ideas for decorating your home, food to enjoy, things to do and gift ideas. So let's dive in to all the inspiration.
Decorating your home
You can very easily create a space in your home to make a Valentine's theme come to life. You may fancy going all out and filling a room of your choice with decorations to make your loved ones heart explode or you may prefer to create a more subtle approach that fits in with your home decor. You may even like to welcome your loved one home with decorating your front porch. 
Hang a wreath on the door, fill a crate full of blooms, write your love message on a chalk board and decorate your letter box to make a statement entrance.
Using bunting, tassels, pom poms, paper heart garlands will quickly transform a space into a love retreat. Red will make an impact whilst blush pink will create a softer vibe. Use furniture and fireplaces to attached decor to.
Table Decor
Let's take a look at table decorations that we can use to create a fun and romantic atmosphere to dine at.
Using a cheap roll of brown paper which you can paint or draw a fun design on will make a fantastic table runner.
Using an inexpensive white bed sheet or table cloth would make a great blank canvas to doodle on.
Heart shaped crockery, pretty cutlery and colourful napkins to wine and dine with will look cute and fitting for your theme. 
If your entertaining family and friends, creating a drinks bar is very one trend. Serve pink champagne, rose wine, cocktails and sangria's.
Food Ideas
If your serving up a breakfast or making breakfast in bed why not make irresistible pancakes in the shape of hearts. Serve with your favourite fruits like raspberries or strawberries or maple syrup for a sweet tooth.
Make or buy macaroons and write your own messages on with liquid food colouring.
Heart shaped doughnuts filled with jam is the best way to anyones heart.
Other Decorations
Balloons are a very popular decoration for Valentine's Day, hearts, lips, kisses, and confetti style are all top choices and are an easy way to fill a room with love.
Fun & Easy DIY Projects
Time to get crafty and create something special for Valentine's Day. There are some great diy projects to turn your hand to that will take no time at all to produce. And you can reuse them year after year.
Heart Wall Art
Make a statement heart for the wall by using torn fabric scraps, tissue paper or napkins.
 Paper Heart Tree
Cut yourself some heart shapes and glue or sew to make a 3D paper heart, tie with thread or string and attach to some branches that you could spray paint or buy a tree from a hobby shop.
Gift Wrapping
Gift wrap doesn't have to be expensive either. All you need is some white copy paper and some colour markers, chalk or paint to create your own designs. Tie with baker's twine and attach a cute message with a gift tag.
Things to do
If staying home isn't your thing, then you may fancy a day date or date night instead. It doesn't have to cost much to go out, it really can be the simplest of things to do, remember it is just about spending some time together.
Woodland Picnic
Take a picnic blanket with you and a wicker basket of goodies. Nature will help press the reset button and you won't be distracted by anything else.
Head out on a starry evening, find a clear patch of sky and sit and gaze at the stars with each other.  There are many 'sky at night' Apps that can help you point out the correct constellations.
Walk on the Beach
Walk hand in hand along the beach, looking for pebbles with each other and let your feet splash on the water edge.
If you fancy a carefree day out, hit the fairground and be a kid again. Ride the Ferris wheel and Carousel Merry-go-round and eat candy floss. 
Ice Skating
Whether you know how to ice skate or not, learn something new together. You will have a magical time and lots of laughs trying to stay on your feet.
Eat Ice-Cream
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy ice cream, go to your favourite ice cream parlour and choose your favourite flavour, sit or walk along the pier and enjoy.
Cook dinner together
Cooking a meal that is new to both of you will be great fun, plus you get to learn a new dish. Give yourselves plenty of time to get it ready so you can enjoy the process.
So I think you will all agree there are some amazing ideas here which I hope you find useful to create your own perfect Valentine's Day.
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