10 Traditions to start as a couple

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It's quite nice to choose a few traditions to start with your partner to help your relationship continually grow stronger as the years go on. Creating moments and memories that you share together are important to keep up with so that whatever is happening with family or work you will always have that time to cherish each other. It doesn't have to be extravagant, it is always the smallest things that are the most important in a relationship.
Have dinner together
Sitting down to eat dinner together after a busy day at work is really good for your relationship. It is a chance to reflect on the days happenings, good or bad, which should be shared with each other, if one is feeling down, it is the others job to lift them up. It's a chance to connect before you start all over again.
Date Day or Night
Of course, date night! Even if you don't have a family to look after, couples can still struggle to find time to go out with each other as the daily routine can get in the way. Making the effort to arrange a date day or date night regularly just for you two is really important. If you have family it maybe a chance to get some time to yourselves. Its nice to recreate your first date you had together to remind you why you fell in love in the first place. This could be a meal out or a cinema trip.
Love Notes
A sweet and romantic thing to do is leave little sticky notes with messages of love and appreciation for your partner to find. Place them with their lunch for work, in their car or their jacket pocket to find. It will be sure to put a smile on their face and it does not cost anything.
It's nice for couples to have hobbies of there own to enjoy, but it is also nice to share an interest in something together. Learning something together from scratch helps you grow as a couple. It could be going dancing, learning a new craft, or a sport activity.
Having a games night, works particularly well if your a competitive couple. Dig out your favourite childhood games for a fun night. It will bring back lots of old memories and lots of laughs to.
Christmas Ornaments
Whether you make or buy your xmas ornaments, it makes a lovely tradition to add a new one every year to your tree. They might be from places you have travelled to, that hold a special memory.
Money Jar
Saving money for the things you would like to do with each other is a great way of ticking off your to do list. You may want to save to go on holiday, a weekend get away, or a day out. Whatever it may be, you are both making the dream come alive with this goal.
Movie Marathon
If you love films, then make a night of it and plan a movie night at home, get the popcorn, cuddle up by the fire and choose your favourite box set to watch.
Taking photo's is all well and good on your device's, but make sure you print them off. Creating a physical scrapbook or photo album with your stories as well as your memories is a powerful thing. Instead of scrolling through your camera reel randomly, you will have fond memories to look back on when you are older, and you will want to create new ones to look back on together.
Getting outside for some fresh air does you the world of good. Wrap up and walk hand in hand through the park or better still find some woodland to have a stroll. Soaking in nature lets you press the reset button and enables you to relax with each other in a different envoirment.
I hope this has inspired you to keep the sparkle alive.
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