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There are lots of articles and blog posts out there that tell couples that your wedding day is going to be the 'best day of your life' and that may well be the case, but that can create a lot of pressure and stress on you. Most couples experience stress when planning in some shape or form, the most important thing to remember is this is totally normal and fine.You are bound to hit a few snags along the way, but by managing your work load, and your mind set will help your stress levels.
I am all about helping you to reduce that stress and overwhelming feeling, so here are some common mistakes you can avoid.
Stop trying to please everyone
Remember this is YOUR wedding day, no one else's. As soon as you start talking to family and friends about your wedding they will without doubt have an opinion. It is important to know how to handle situations like this, be tactile without causing an argument. It may be hard if family members are contributing to the wedding, assuming they have a right to have their say. The main thing to remember is to do what feels right to you whilst remaining firm with your decisions.
Don't leave it till the last minute
Think you have loads of time, think again!  Most elements of the planning process have lots of different steps to them. Avoid stressing yourself out the best you can. Book you main priorities first to start the ball rolling then keep beavering away at each task.
Stop comparing your wedding to every one else's
A rocky road to go down. Looking for inspiration on the internet (such as Pinterest) can be amazing but you can end up comparing your wedding to others. Remembering that everyone's day is their own, and we all are in different areas, have different resources, and we are all in different circumstances, therefore we are all having a unique day, which is what you are celebrating, your individuality.
Don't try doing all yourself
If you think you can organise the wedding all on your lonesome then you would be wrong. My advice is to pull in help when and where you need it. Your family and friends want to help you and there will be many elements that are really enjoyable that you will wish you had shared with them.You may want some help from a wedding planner to work out the logistics with you, or you may need help from a wedding stylist to help you bring your vision to life, who can work on the aesthetics. This is something I can help you with 🙋🏻‍♀️ I can help guide you through the process of choosing colours, a style and a vibe that reflects your personalities as a couple.

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Learn to compromise 
Be patience with your partner if you disagree on a decision. Your wedding is a equal partnership therefore you may have to compromise on some things which is ok. Don't leave them out of decisions, make them together and you will find you are happier.
Avoid spending too much
When the wedding is all over the last thing you want to be worrying about is your finances.This is why setting a budget is super important, it will help you stay on track and avoid any future regrets.
Don't expect everyone to be as excited as you
Even though your guests are over the moon that your tying the knot and they are looking forward to it, remember they do have a life of their own they are getting on with. Don't expect everyone to be buzzing about your plans like you, this doesn't mean they don't care so don't take it personally.
 Don't expect nothing to go wrong
Having high expectations that your day is going to be perfect and run like clock work is setting yourself up for possible disappointment. You can only be as prepared as you can be, then the rest is in the hands of your family, your friends, and your suppliers. There is bound to be some hiccups which is fine, normally guests just laugh about them or they don't even notice the little things like you have. It can add character to the day so don't stress about what may happen, try and go with the flow!
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