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Rea Shaw bridal shower

Whether your planning a bridal shower for your best friend or planning it for yourself, you may need a few tips on things to help think about it before you start, so let's dive in..
Decide on a theme.
First you need to decide on what kind of shower you are wanting to create. Are there going to be a few close family and friends who all know each other so you may want something small and elegant. Or if there are lots of guests that may not have met before you may decide on a party theme to act as an ice breaker. There are some great ideas out there from Pool Parties, Bohemian Themed showers or a cosy back garden get together, there is tons of inspiration out there to create your ideal setting. So whether your going for a truly tremendously decorated party where the guests can't stop mentioning your attention to detail or a fun unique idea that will create a real talking point. Whatever it may be, the key is to check with the bride first!!
Who are you inviting?
It would be rather embarrassing to invite guests who are not actually invited to the wedding day, so make sure to get your list from the bride, of who she actually would like at the shower.
The Details
Make sure on the Bridal Shower invitation you included the dress code as you do not want guests feeling over dressed, or they didn't get the memo that it was a themed party. Also, the time it finishes is important, so let guest's know ahead of the day, as you do not want the shower to go on forever, and guests may need to arrange transport for getting home.
Consider food and drink.
Food and drink can make or break a party, so do your research on guests if you can, by maybe asking the bride, and get a varied selection. It is a great idea to have a buffet style for food, as it can be hard to please so many different people. It is really nice to have a selection of desserts, maybe mini ones so that they can try a bit of everything. Finger food is the best way to keep it flowing and continues to allow mingling.
Plan Games
For a fun bridal shower, games are super important to add the giggling and can help break the ice between guests. Careful not to have not too many, about two is fine, depending on the length of the game. And choose something everyone can be involved in so no one feels left out.
'How well do you know the bride?' Questionnaire from the Wild Collection
Gifts are not the reason for having a bridal shower, you want all your girls together to help give you a good time before you become a Mrs. Some may find it unnecessary to give a gift as they are most likely buying a gift for your wedding day, so do not just expect one from everyone. If guests do decide to bring a gift, then make sure there is a pretty table allocated for them.
Some decide to treat all the girls for coming with a favour of some kind this maybe a gift bag filled with goodies to take away or a popular choice is a personalised memento to mark the occasion.
Support the Bride
The bride may feel a little over-whelmed on the day. With all of her closet friends and family there it will start to feel the day is getting 'real' , so make sure you support her whenever she needs someone to talk to. Keep a note of who the presents were from so she can thank them later as it maybe hard for her to keep track.
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