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Choosing wedding favours may at first seem a small part of the planning process, but can be quite daunting and you feel like you want to get this right as it is your little thank you to your guests for sharing your special day with you. A lot will depend on your wishes, your style and your budget. So lets dive in to how we can simplify the decision so you are not just wasting your money.
The key factor with any gift is asking yourself, 'is this what I would want to receive?'
Choosing something practical as a wedding favour is a win win, if the gift is something they can use such as an everyday item then you can rest assured it won't end up just sat on a shelf or even worse in the bin!! Matches are a good idea as most people will use these or a small bottle opener which will be grabbed from time to time.
Choosing an edible gift is also a great idea, the guest can either munch on it at the reception or take home to enjoy. Handmade baked goods like cookies always go down well and the guests can't wait to dig into those. 
If you would like to know how to make these chocolate chip cookies you can find the tutorial here
These Made with Love tags make the perfect addition to your wrapping.
The favours are a fantastic opportunity to show your personalities so this may be a chance for you to share something you both love with your guests. It maybe something from your heritage like a favourite recipe or something that compliments your theme. You may want to make a donation to a charity close to your heart and can let them know in a note on their place setting.
If you are more of the DIY couple then you may want to use your skills to make something for your guests, just bear in mind that if you have a large number of guests attending, your handmade gift does not want to be too complicated. Think handmade jams or chutneys, flavoured olive oil or a Smore's kit. If you have a lot to do, ask for help from family and friends and make it a fun evening making them all.
Try before you buy
A top tip is whatever you are presenting to your guests, make sure to try it for yourself first, the last thing you want is a guest thinking "why on earth did they give us that!" Always taste food, smell scents and make sure the item works properly beforehand. For most things you can buy a sample to check your happy first.
It is also a good idea to have some extra favours, when you are ordering or making a large quantity some may not turn out perfect or may get broken by accident in transit. Plus some guests may like to take extras for relatives or friends that couldn't make the wedding. And you may even like to have a keepsake for yourself.
Gift Wrap
Just a much thought should go into the way you wrap your favours as it did choosing them. Attention to detail will go along way with your guests. From decorative boxes to cellophane wrap, and personalised tags you are spoiled for choice with ways to make them look fancy. A top tip is to consider what your are wrapping and how this will effect it, also consider the weather as you may have to set up the day before. (a great example is, if your getting married in the summer outside, you may not want to choose chocolate, as they may end up melting in the heat!)
Personalising wedding favours adds a nice touch and will give the guests something to remember your day by every time they use it. But you don't have to over do it with putting your photo or initials on the actual gift if it is a keepsake, consider putting it on the packaging instead as the guests can then decide to keep that or not.
Plan the display
Part of the fun with favours these days is how you are going to display them, the common theme is to present them on each guests place setting, so it is there to greet them as they sit down to the wedding breakfast. This will of course depend on the size of them, you may not have room on your tables for extras. If you think they deserve the spotlight, it is becoming popular to designate a table just for them and your guests can either help theirselves or you can hand them out when they are leaving.
There are some great tips here for you to think about when considering what your favours will be.
It you would like to see some more great favour ideas click on the link below.

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