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Your wedding day will go very quickly no matter what, so in order to saviour the moments it will help if you start your morning off stress free. In order to achieve this you want to remain calm, relaxed and organised which will help set the tone of the day going forward. The last thing you want is to be rushing around because your running out of time. So I have put together some handy tips for you to follow.
Tip 1
So my first tip is to get a good night sleep the night before. This may seem obvious but it's something you may not think about. With everything going on you may forget to "set yourself up for a good nights sleep." Speaking from personal experience the night before my own wedding, my parents had a house full so I slept the night at a kind neighbours house. Having some peace and quiet the night before did me wonders, I was able to run through everything in my head without any distractions till I was happy and I felt so calm the next morning when I woke up.
Tip 2
Have a good breakfast. The calmer you are the more likely you will feel like eating breakfast. If you don't feel like eating much make sure you have a nibble before you leave the house, the last you want is for your stomach to rumble as you say your vows.
Tip 3
Play some music. Once your bridal party have arrived and your enjoying having your hair and make up done, put on your favourite tunes. Music can take your mind off of things and it will lift any worries you may have.
Tip 4
Have a steamer at hand. Your bridesmaids dresses may not have seen the light of day since they had there finally fitting so they maybe a little crinkled. So by having a little area set up with a steamer, iron, ironing board, pins, and thread will prepare you for any unexpected things that need attention.
Tip 5
Gather your accessories. Before your photographer arrives have your shoes, veil and jewellery pieces all ready together. They will want to take photos of them so it will save you time scrambling around last minute trying to find them.
Tip 6
Have a checklist. It's a good idea to create a check list for yourself and anyone that needs one. No matter how prepared and organised you are there are always going to be tasks that can't be done until the actually day. For example 'attaching the ribbon on the bridal car' maybe a job for the Father of the Bride so make him a list. This way you feel much more relaxed.
Tip 7
Schedule in some time by yourself. Just like the order of the day where you have a time set for everything, make a slot in the morning for you to have some quiet time. In this time you may want to quietly read your vows out loud. You may want to use it to read cards or letters from each other before you meet down the aisle. Or you may want to use it to collect your thoughts and breathe! Whatever it is, just taking a moment before the day kicks off can make a huge difference.
Tip 8
Drink plenty of water. It's so easy to forget to drink when you are so busy getting ready. But staying hydrated is super important, especially if you have already had some celebration fizz. Be wary of drinking too much as this can heighten your emotions or some cases make you feel tired.
Tip 9
If you have a busy household with bridal party members and family getting ready, you may want to schedule a timetable for the bathroom. And select bedrooms that can they can get dressed in. It is also a good idea to set up a dedicated area where they can apply make-up and do their hair which will save on time in the bathroom that everyone will need to use.
Tip 10
Have a chat. We all have that person in our lives who we go to when we want to share our thoughts, or we want them to lay some wisdom on us. This maybe a wise grandparent, a sibling or a close friend. You may even want to thank them for all they have done for the wedding while you have the chance.
Tip 11
Give out your gifts. This maybe a nice time to give your wedding party any gifts or cards. It ables you to have some time to pause while you enjoy watching them opening them.
Tip 12
The night before, lay out the outfit you are going to be getting ready in while your hair and make up are being done. This maybe a matching dressing gown or posh pyjamas. This takes all the decision making out of the question on the morning of the wedding.
Tip 13
When packing your case pack an emergency kit with all the things you may need. Include tissues, wet wipes, deodorant, hairspray and bobby pins. You never know what you may need.
Tip 14
Do some exercise. If this is your usual thing in a morning then why not on your wedding day. Whether it is a spot of yoga or you head out for a run, why not get up early and get some fresh air. It maybe just your thing to start the day of calmly.
Tip 15
Finally don't sweat the small stuff. I know you want everything to be perfect on your day, but remember you have done all the preparation you can, so now it is time to enjoy the day. Let all your worries be gone. If something was forgotten, someone was late or something didn't happen then its OK. It is not worth letting it ruin your mood or day.
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