Tips for decorating a large wedding venue

Written by Rea Shaw


Posted on July 11 2020

So you have booked your wedding venue which is great news, but it's often not till afterwards that it may dawn on you that you need to decorate this space. Which can feel overwhelming if you have a pretty large space to fill at that. An empty space will feel uninviting as your guest's walk in and the last thing you want is for them to feel uncomfortable. You want them to feel welcome, relaxed and admire the surroundings so they can look forward to the rest of the day. I have some top tips to help you think about how to make that space work for you with some clever ideas. 

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If your venue has high ceilings with wooden beams, this space can often feel empty. A fantastic way to fill this blank space is using items that will help bring the space down to a more intimate level. Using wooden ladders to hang decor from whether it is flowers or lights will add some interest above and draw the eye straight to it. Avoiding the venue feeling empty. It makes a great guest experience, sitting underneath a structure.

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 You can use the ceiling to hang things from, such as hoops, lanterns, fairy lights, bunting or drapes to bring it down to more of an intimate level for your guests. 
You may want to focus your attention on placing details just over the tables rather than the whole venue, this works particularly well if you are having long banquet tables. Be playful with your ideas, if the above suggestions are not your thing why not try something more fun, like paper origami shapes hanging from invisible threads to fill empty white space.

Large Entrance Signage

You are aiming to make an impact as soon as your guests walk in the venue, so a tiny welcome sign on a tiny easel just isn't going to cut it in a large space. You need to go big to set the tone, so welcoming your guests with something that won't go unnoticed is key. 

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Make a Feature of your Wedding Cake

If you are having a wedding cake, it will get lost in a large venue if you don't make a fuss about it! It's a great idea to make a feature of it with some statement decor  in order to show it off properly, after all you have proberly paid a lot of money for it, so you need to do it justice. I think having a backdrop like a sign behind the cake will really help with framing the moment you go to cut it for all your photo opportunities. 

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Fill Your Dance Floor

It's quite common for couples to forget about the dance floor, but in a large venue space, imagine how this looks to your guests if you don't style it up. It needs to make them want to get up and dance instead of looking empty and scary to be the first up. So be sure to make a statement and use the extra space to your advantage.

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Music Zone

If your hiring a DJ they may have their own set up. But if not why not create a fun feature for them to play your tunes in and create a music booth. The guests will love it, and it will feel more fun and interactive.

Style Key Areas

To help you fill a large venue, you need to create different areas in the space for different things. Depending on how much space you actually have will depend on what you choose to separate. You may want a separate table for your cards and gifts from your guests. You might want a guest book area as you are going to make a huge display for it. You might want to create a quiet zone for a memory corner with photos of family members that couldn't be there to celebrate with you. Whatever it may be, by adding in more styling, it will help make your venue feel more decorated.

Epic Table Plan

When it comes to your table plan, think big, you have a large venue as you have a large number of guests attending, so think larger when it comes to displaying where your guests are sitting. Metal grids and wooden boards are among a few ideas that will allow you to style up with extras, helping you fill out the space around it.

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Add Extra Decorations

Adding playful items that you can create displays with are great for making a feature to fill empty spaces. Think ladders for shelving, crates for different heights, and frames for hanging photos from.

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Display Your Favours

Instead of having your wedding favours on each guests place setting, why not make a fun display with them instead. Set up your display nearer the exit so your guests don't forget to grab one as they leave your wedding. I have some lovely foiled signs to help you display your wedding favours here.


 Drinks Area

 Set up a drinks or cocktail bar. A fun and interactive area for guests to linger. This could be a whole bar, or a trough with a help yourself style, perfect for an outdoor setting. I have some fun wedding signs perfect for signature drinks or cocktails here.

Lounge Area

Create a chill out area, its all the rage at the moment! Think bean bags, sofas, and comfy arm chairs for your guests to relax and mingle when their not going for it on the dance floor. It works particularly well in a large space as it will help your guests spread out a bit and give them a space away from noise and the reception tables which might be getting cleaned down by the caterers.

In a large space the idea is to create these zones which have a different purpose but they don't feel separate from one anther. It wants to flow and make sense just like everything else.


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