The ultimate celestial wedding ideas

Rea Shaw star wedding

If you want your wedding to feel magical then incorporating stars into your day will definitely create this feeling. A star theme may sound a little cheesy to some, but I'm here to prove that theory wrong, there are some gorgeous ideas floating about out there whether you would like just a little hint of stars or the full starry theme, it can look really spectacular if done well.
What better way to show off a starry theme then with your wedding dress, perfect if your going for that wow statement, imagine walking down the aisle in this! it looks elegant and glamorous. It is perfect for the statement bride who is then ready for that glitzy party in the evening.
If your after more of a traditional look with your dress then maybe a statement hair piece will be more up your street, keeping your look simple and elegant.
Hair slides or earrings are also good for adding little sparkle details.
Or add a little touch with your wedding veil. 
A great way to decorate your venue is to hang paper stars from the ceiling. This works particularly well if you have a large space to fill and it can look really effective.
Star Garlands are also great for decoration and can be hung anywhere like bunting. Or you could create a curtain garland for a ceremony backdrop, giving that whimsical feel.
A huge light up star will make a fantastic decoration in your venue, make a stunning display to have your photo taken next to.
Table Decor
Collect star statement pieces to place on the tables for that celestial feel.
Sprinkle confetti stars to your table linen to add a delicate touch.
Star stationery will add to those table details needed. Gold is most suitable for the star theme and will definitely make your tables shine.
Chair Decor
The backs of chairs often get forgotten about, add some decor to them with starry sentiments to make your wedding breakfast feel extra special as you sit together. Make sure your photographer snaps a romantic photo of the both of you from the back.
Add stars as a wedding topper to your wedding cake to help run with the theme.
Make edible biscuit favours in shapes of the night sky as a fun take away for your  guests.
Send Off
Have your wedding send off under the stars with a sparkler exit. It will make a magical end to your perfect day.
So there you have los of starry ideas to help plan your day!
For more starry ideas follow my Pinterest Board- Stargazing Weddings

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